Future Projects Continued


I’m still thinking on those future projects and this is what I got planned for that front foundation bed so far.   ( the white line is the prospective outline) This outline looks a bit rough at the moment I know but it will look better in real life I promise.   After studying it a bit more I decided to include a 2-3 ft area in front of the sidewalk.  This area with the hard corner is a pain to mow so I might as well make more planting space.  Hubby is so thrilled with me at the moment, lol.  After seeing  Dave’s front sidewalk garden I knew this was a good way to utilize this space.  The planting bed should soften the hard look of the concrete.  Don’t you think?  At the left end I might swoop that out into a circular bed to show off the Butterfly Bush and anchor that corner.


This red outline is the future site of my new veggie garden.  I’m planning on doing a raised squarefoot garden plan  for my vegetables.  Since it will be sitting up against a fence I’m only going about 2′ deep so I can reach to the back and maybe about 8-16′ in length.  I haven’t decided if I’m going to make one long bed or 2 separate beds yet.  So far this is the best area for it since it gets full sun about 8 hours a day.  My intentions are to start work on these projects next month.


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  1. Sounds exciting – planning! How large an area! Lucky you. Good luck with the butterfly bush and veggies! Keep us posted.

    Thanks Chandramouli! 🙂 I promise to keep you all in the loop on my progress with this project.


  2. Posted by greenwalks on January 13, 2009 at 12:49 am

    Super exciting! You are definitely making use of the winter months with all your planning and plotting. Hooray for veggies, that’s going to be so rewarding! Are you making raised beds?

    Thanks Karen! It gives me an outlet for my gardening itch that’s for sure. 🙂 Yep I plan on making raised beds about 6-8″ deep for the veggies and since it going up next to a fence using the vertical space for vining types.


  3. Great outline. I like the simple curve and think that a circle at the end will look good. The butterfly bush can take the extra area. Your veggie garden shoukd work well where you have it planned. I think 2′ wide is just about right for reaching in. You could put trellises on the fence to grow ploe beans, cucumbers-anything vining, saving space yet providing room to grow more. Good luck with your projects!

    Thank you Beckie! The original outline was similar to this prior to my brainfart a few years back, lol. Adding the sidewalk area in will be a new change though. I’m glad you like the idea of the circular area where the Butterfly Bush is located. It will definitely give me a space to place more perennials too. That’s exactly what I had in mind for the veggie bed, the vertical space of the fence is going to provide me more space for vining veggies like pole beans & possibly the small cuke seeds I purchased last fall. Thanks for the good wishes, I needed that vote of confidence. 🙂


  4. Hi Racquel, how very exciting, it will be great fun to follow your plans through. / LOLove Tyra

    Hello Tyra, I’m glad you are looking forward to seeing the progress on my project! 🙂


  5. Great ideas! I love the curved line in the front bed. I think that adds such character to a garden. And what a great place to grow veggies! You have your work cut out for you, but I know it’s what you love so have fun! Can’t wait to see after pictures!

    Thanks Linda! It will be more interesting with that organic shape don’t you think?! Yep I always put alot on my plate when it comes to the garden but I really love it. 🙂 Hubby will be busy too helping with some of the details, lol.


  6. It is going to be fun. Now is the time before it gets too hot. Can’t wait to see how all your veggies do this year.

    Thanks Tina, I’m looking forward to all the new veggies. 🙂 Wish me luck!


  7. Racquel-
    You are going to be busy, busy, busy! Don’t forget to take lots of photos so we can see the progress and watch it all happen!

    Hi Randy, yep it sure looks that way, lol. I promise to take lots of photos & keep you all in the loop as it progresses. 🙂


  8. Wonderful plans, Racquel! I will look forward to watching your plans emerge from ideas to reality! Great fun! Your front trellis and house remind me of a design that I did a few years ago. The gardener wanted a yellow/blue color scheme. We used a climbing yellow rose on the trellis (almost positioned exactly like yours). The homeowner wanted Indian Hawthorns in a semi-circle around the front of the rose bush. The IH weren’t happy there (cedar rust is a problem at this gardener’s home), so I suggested she divide her shasta daisies to use to replace the IH in the semi-circle. The other perennials in the bed include other blue/purple and yellow flowering plants. It’s so lovely for a front entry garden. – Cameron

    Thank you Cameron! I plan to document the project every step of the way to share with all of you. What a beautiful sounding design you created for your client. I’ve had climbing roses on these trellies in the past with not much luck, so I’m considering Clematis as a great alternative. I like the combination of purple & yellow too for a perennial bed. 🙂


  9. I love the way you are planning it our with the pics and outlines. Sounds like you have a good plan. I am always redesigning my garden plans. I see something new I want to plant, and with the amount of space I have, I have to rethink other things, make changes and start again. LOL. Great post.

    Thanks Laurie, I have a better picture in my head but this way I could show all of you & hubby what I visualize for this space. You know what, I do the same thing too. lol


  10. I think the garden will make a beautiful impact on your front yard. As you say, soften the lines and give some color. Can’t wait to see the finished gardens.

    Thanks Marnie for the vote of confidence! 🙂


  11. Racquel,

    Thanks for the link! I’m sure it will look great once you get it all together. Have you decided on what plants you want to use? With the veggie garden I would recommend two beds put together. It would be more structurally sound and if one rots out you can replace it and not worry about the other. That is if you are using wood. Stone or brick would be great!

    It was my pleasure Dave, you inspired me to rethink an area of my yard I wasn’t fond of. Thank you! Nope I’m not sure other than I want a few evergreens to give it structure during the winter and then some great sun loving & drought resistant perennials along with some annuals to extend the season of color. Thanks, I think you are right about creating two beds, hubby said it would be stronger in the long run. We are considering maybe cinder blocks as another option, then I could plant in the holes too. 🙂


  12. Alrighty then, you have a lot of work to do. The front of your home is going to be spectacular!

    Yep always making more work for myself Darla, lol. Thanks, I’m very excited to see the end result. 🙂


  13. Hi Racquel,
    This is going to change the front of your house completely. It will be fun for me, working along with you on this project…in the comfort of my computer room….not having to be down on my knees.:) I hope that you take lots of pictures as you go along, so we can be a part of it all.

    Hi Balisha, isn’t this going to really add some curb appeal to the front of my house?! I promise to take you all along on the journey and document the progress in my latest project, along with lots of photos! 😉


  14. Good luck with your plans. Plain sidewalks are so boring. I love the look of plants spilling onto the sidewalk – as long as they don’t get too far in.

    Thanks Daphne, I agree completely. The hard edges really don’t compliment the yard so the plants should really soften it up a bit.


  15. You’ve done some good planning Racquel. I like your ideas. I’d love to put in a raised veggie bed in my yard too but wondering where. I think I’ll watch what you do and maybe try next year?!!!

    Thank you Kathleen. I’m glad you liked my new plans too! It’s so exciting to create a new garden. I’ve been thinking about the best location for this raised veggie garden for about a year now. They really need more sunlight than most of my back garden provides so hopefully this works out well. Promise to share the journey with you!


  16. Hi Racquel, what a good idea to draw on a picture of the house and yard for the beds, I might have to try that too sometime! I like the swoop idea too, and the veggie bed looks perfect. I will be watching to see how your plans progress into reality!

    Hi Frances, it was very hard working with the draw program to create these curves. I can see it in my head which is where most of my plans take root. But it was great way to show you all kind of what I could visualize (as well as hubby). 🙂 Thanks, I promise to share the project as it progresses. Lots of photos!


  17. That sounds like a great plan! I wish I could be out in the garden next month, but I’ll still be hibernating.

    Thank you Robin. I look forward to getting started on asap and promise to share the journey. 🙂


  18. 10 years from now, you’ll be out there where the road meets the curb. I can see you planting up more and more and a good thing you have lots of pictures to remember these first plans. I think it’s going to look great.

    That’s what my hubby keeps saying Anna, lol. Thank you, I am very excited about the new projects!


  19. I have plans for expansion this spring, too, Racquel, and I like the way you used photos to draw up your plans. So much better than my out-of-scale drawings on paper! I checked out Dave’s sidewalk garden; that’s a great example to follow.

    Thanks Rose, it’s easier than drawing up plans on paper for sure. I’m more of a visual person so this works better for me. 🙂 Look forward to seeing your plans for expansion soon. I’m glad you checked out Dave’s sidewalk garden, he has a wonderful blog too!


  20. I love your plan, Racquel! It is basically the same as what I have in place. I haven’t really shown mine in full…maybe I will a bit later.
    I would like to bring mine out just a bit, but we shall see…it’s already pretty far out. Most of it is in shade so I can’t plant to blooming types of flowers I want anyway so I’m not sure I need to make it any bigger. In your backyard, if you get sun there, that would be an excellent spot for a garden…I wish I had an area like that. You could even bring it out further than what you’ve marked off, if you want to (unless there’s something else on the side of the photo that would make that not a great idea?) You certainly are a great planner…and a super implementer. I will follow you as you keep coming up with ideas! – Jan

    Why thank you Jan! Look forward to seeing your front foundation garden, especially since you said it is similar to my plans. I don’t get too much shade in my garden mostly fun sun – part sun which limits me on some shade lovers I would love to have in my garden. This is the one area (other than the front yard) that should work out for veggies. I can’t bring it out any further since I have to be able to get my utility trailor in & out of the area to the left of the photo.


  21. Racquel – what great plans you have, I like the look of what you are proposing for the front foundation bed. Raised veggie beds – always good – I look forward to seeing developments over the year.

    Thank you Karen! I look forward to sharing my journey while implementing these projects with you! 🙂


  22. Posted by skeeter on January 14, 2009 at 3:14 pm

    Raquel, I have been out of the blogging circuit for a while and finally playing catch-up the past two days. Wow, so much to read and learn….

    Seeing your (much younger then 16 year old) son in the snow reminded me of the big snows we had as children in TN. I remember being out of school for so many days that we had to go on Saturdays to keep on track with the ending of the school year! That was not as nice as playing in the snow was….

    I hope to see some completed projects in your garden this year. We too have such plans but finding the time to do them has been the issue for us. Your garden pots will look great with the garden shed! I love Big Lots and run by there at times to find fun bargains for the garden. I am addicted to the Dollar Store type places as well. Good finds if you look carefully. Am glad you made it back for the bulbs also! They will be so pretty and soon too.

    Your New Year in review was a nice way to sum up the year! I cannot believe you had daffy’s popping up in Dec. Our Forsythia is blooming so we have had some strange warm days this winter. Now really cold though.

    Your warm beans and cornbread looked yummy to me on this cold GA day! They would warm up the soul but make the house a bit smelly afterwards. tee hee

    You will love your Stainless Steal pots! We took the plunge and picked up a set while in Germany. We found a way to get them at bargain prices. Our Korean friend knows how to find bargains even while living in Germany and not being able to speak the language! She was great to let us in on her secret. I envy your pasta pot though. That is something I have always wanted but never gotten for myself. Hubby has never taken the hint but maybe soon. Hum, Valentines is coming up, Nothing says I love you like a Pasta Pot…. lol

    Spaz is a smart one for not getting those paws wet. Our little family dog Molly loved to play in the snow but she did not like her feet getting wet during the rainfalls. My grandmother loved that dog so much that she would hold an umbrella over her while she did her business. And people wonder why I spoil my pets. Ha, took good lessons I reckon.

    Your snowman wreath was cute but would look a bit nicer if dressed in orange and had a big T or Go Vols written on them. Or maybe in color of Red and has a big G or Dawgs written on them. Tee hee. My niece gave us a snowman ornament dressed in the Murray State outfits (she is getting her Masters there) and we have TN Titans and Vol stuff on the trees also. I have never seen the wreath and think yours is wonderful.

    The celebration in lights looks like a fun time. We went through one in VA a long time ago. I think it may have been in Manassas but not sure. We took Tina on a light tour while on Hayride when she stopped by just before Christmas. That is always fun. Line was too long for marshmallow roasting though. sigh

    I will stop now as I dont really want to talk about Sweet Gum Trees. lol

    I hope the New Year has you completing all your projects while getting healthy with hubby…

    Wow Skeeter, thanks for the comments! Hubby said not funny on the wreath, lol 🙂 Look forward to sharing more experiences & projects with you in the New Year. 🙂


  23. I can understand your wanting to start your new garden! I had that problem 2 yrs ago, I still have that problem, and it ended up in the demolition of my back yard!lol. I square foot gardening is a great idea, I was going to do it this year in my 12’x12′ garden, but I don’t think I can since I will be interning at a farm. We will see!

    Yep I am just itching to get out there & dig in Zach! 🙂 I hope you enjoy your interning at a farm, sounds like a fun & educational experience to me.


  24. It’s just as well I don’t know how to draw on the computer and outline my plans. I’d be even more obsessed than I already am in the planning stages!

    It’s actually easy Brenda. But I understand your obsession, lol.


  25. Oh wow. I just love making plans. I think you’ll be getting your plans accomplished before I get to. It looks great. I just love the feeling after completing a project and seeing it lok so great.

    Me too Cinj, it is exciting to create something new in the garden and watch it grow & develop over time. Thanks!


  26. Dreams are what life is all about, Racquel, and yours are not only managable but most creative. Good luck and hope the weather co-operates. (Don’t forget to include fresh herbs in your veggie garden 🙂

    Isn’t that the truth Joey! 🙂 Thanks I hope to get to these projects next month when the weather is more cooperative & not so cold. Oh I intend to grow a few herbs too.


  27. your sidewalk bed gave me a great idea! I have been pondering what to do about my stepping stones and how to keep the grass off of the, put a flowerbed there!! (Isn’t that the answer to EVERY question?) Love you new big front bed, and what a great spot for a veggie garden (which of course you will share your progress:) Thanks for the great idea!

    Glad I could inspire you Carla! 🙂 Your idea sounds perfect to me, the stepping stones will look nice surrounded by a garden bed. I promise to share the journey with all of you.


  28. Racquel,

    I like your future plans! They will give you hours of fun planning, digging and picking out plants…then purchasing them! Lots and lots of fun! gail

    Hi Gail, I’m glad you like my future plans! 🙂 Can’t wait to get started soon & get my hands dirty. Fun is right! 😉


  29. I like your plans. I’m thinking that if you’re only having the veggie garden 2 feet wide, I’d go ahead and take it the whole length of the fence.

    I hope spring gets here soon!

    Thanks Sue! I’m going to start small for now plus I have a trailor off to the left that I need to be able to get in & out. I will try to fit some veggies in containers and squeeze them into vertical space as well. 🙂


  30. eating fresh from one’s backyard is a blessing. I hope you experience much joy this summer. Any favored veggie that you can’t wait to grow???


  31. You can’t go wrong with a raised bed for veggies…you gonna love it!!!


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