January Blooms (GBBD)

gbbd-jan-09-002January is the down time in my garden.  The only thing  I have blooming outdoors right now is these Pansies that have been lingering since I planted them in the washtub container back in October.  I can see these colorful blossoms from the kitchen window and it kind of brightens my day everytime I do dishes.  There is also some Grape Hyacinths planted in this container that will bloom in another month or so.   As you can see the Arbor Garden is tucked in for the winter with a warm blanket of leaves and some scattered gumballs.  The gumballs seem to have deterred the squirrels from digging up my spring bulbs this fall.  gbbd-jan-09-001

Indoors my better late than never Paperwhite forcing kits are showing good signs of some future blooms.  They have rooted well into the soil-less potting mix.  The window I had them sitting in for a few days wasn’t getting enough sunlight so I have moved them to my son’s bedroom window which gets glorious sunlight all day long.  To see more GBBD day blooms or to join in please visit  Carol of May Dreams Gardens..


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  1. Those pansies are so colorful and would brighten my day too. Have a great one!

    Thanks Tina, they are very happy flowers! 🙂


  2. Wow! I’d be just content with my Pansies blooming (only I have no Pansies :() So sweet, they look. And good luck with your bulbs!

    Thanks Chandramouli, they do brighen my mood daily! 🙂 Thanks for the well wishes with the bulbs too!


  3. Posted by greenwalks on January 15, 2009 at 12:38 am

    Cute pansies. I feel the same way when I see a shot of color at this dreary time of year. What are gumballs? Like, actual gumballs? Why don’t the squirrels like them? That sounds a heck of a lot easier than witches’ brew!

    Thanks Karen! These are the deadly seedballs from the Sweetgum Tree in my yard. They are prickly so the squirrels don’t like having to walk on them. It worked this year but they’ll probably figure out a way around that too. lol 🙂


  4. Love, love love the washtub! Did you paint it or did you find it like that? A friend of mine found one painted pink and gave it to me. Sounds kind of gross but I like it. Nothing is planted in it yet. Did you say gumballs, as in Sweet Gum gumballs? I inherited three enormous trees when we moved here. I’ve found that the lawn mower chews them pretty well but there is no way I can keep up. But the trees are nice.

    Thank you Gracepete! Yep I painted it a blue color years ago when I first got it and they for the past few years I spray paint it this red tone. The color adds some interest during the winter months when the blooms are rare. Your pink one sounds pretty too. 🙂 Yep the deadly spiny balls from the Sweetgum tree. They can be dangerous projectiles when the lawmower hits them. We just raked up 9 large yardbags full last week.


  5. Wonderful Racquel those pansies are so pretty in your washtub a lovely dash of colour. xoxo Tyra

    Why thank you so much Tyra! 🙂


  6. Racquel, at least you have something blooming out doors. Here all we have are snow drifts. I went to our Big Lots in hopes of finding some bulbs like you did, but no such luck. Will just have to enjoy yours.

    I do feel grateful to have these hardy little bloomers right now Beckie! 🙂 Sorry about the bulbs, you can share mine! 🙂


  7. Pansies are always so cheery. I keep meaning to go over to Big Lots and see what they have…always an adventure.

    They are a happy flower Janet! 🙂 Yep you never know what kind of bargain you might come across at Big Lots.


  8. LOL-I have the same gum ball question as others-actual gum balls…made of gum?

    Nope Dreamybee they are hard prickly seedballs from the Sweetgum tree. 🙂


  9. Love the idea of the washtub as a planter. What a great splash of colour!

    Thanks Kanak, it adds a nice touch of color during the winter months! 🙂


  10. Love, love the pansies in that red container..and oh how pretty they will be when your grape hyacinths come up!
    Your paperwhites are coming right along. Before you know it, you will have flowers and fragrance!
    Happy Bloomn Day!

    Thanks Linda, they are a bright spot of color on a winter day. 🙂 The Paperwhites do seem to be doing well, I’m excited to see my prospective blooms. Happy GBBD!


  11. Gumball huh? Maybe I should try that. The only bulbs I seem to be able to keep around are the daffodils.

    I love your pansies. We are cold up here in the north. It is nice you can get some color where you are.

    It seems to have worked this year Daphne. I’ve had them dig up my daffodils too, even though they don’t eat them. 😦 Thanks, I like having some cheery blooms at this time of the year. You are very cold right now, saw your snow & icicles, brrrr…


  12. I like the washtub pansies, too. Your paperwhites are doing great!


    Thank you Cameron! 🙂 I have high hopes for the Paperwhites!


  13. Those cheerful pansies must make washing dishes a much more pleasant chore! Even pansies can’t survive our frigid winters.

    It does make the chore a little easier that’s for sure Rose! 🙂 Luckily our winters aren’t as brutal as you northerners experience.


  14. Love the washtub. I actually have paperwhites emerging from the ground and had to cover some daffodil buds last night and I imagine the next two nights as well.

    Thank you Darla! 🙂 I’m going to try to plant these bulbs in the garden this spring when they are done blooming, I might not get blooms for a couple of seasons but it’s worth the try. Daffodils are usually pretty hardy, I’ve had mine bloom through the snow. 🙂


  15. I’m so loving this painted wash tub!!

    Thank you Carla, it is one of my favorite containers in the garden! 🙂


  16. Posted by skeeter on January 15, 2009 at 12:06 pm

    The wash tub is so colorful being full of pansies! My deer would love the food trough lol I remember washing clothes with our old wringer washing machine and rinsing them out in a wash tub just as this one! Ah, thank goodness for dryers today! No clothes lines for me…

    The squirrels ignore our gumballs. I wish they would deter them from digging but no such luck. I also tried putting some of the gumballs in hanging plants to keep the birds from building a nest but those little toots took them out one by one! Strong those little wrens…

    The bulbs look like they are coming along nicely. All are facing one direction. Do you move them around so all sides can enjoy the sunshine? I have to with the things I have sitting in the window. Looking for blooms on your bulbs soon…

    Thanks Skeeter, I guess they would make a nice meal for your deer though, lol. Fortunately I don’t have to deal with them in my neck of the woods. The squirrels are a big enough nuisance in my garden without any added wildlife joining in. 🙂 The gumballs worked this year but I’m sure the squirrels won’t be so easily tricked next year. Thanks for the tip on moving the pots around in the window. They do tend to grow toward the sunlight. 🙂


  17. Very nice Racquel! I got a late start on my paperwhites also. Happy gbb day!

    Thank you Alan! Hopefully our late start will give us some beautiful blooms in the next month. 🙂 Happy GBBD to you too!


  18. I’m with everyone else, love the washtub!

    Thank you Anna! I love it too! 🙂


  19. Well, your downtime is very colorful. I’ll have to try that gumball trickn – my kids won’t miss them, will they?

    Thanks Jen, it’s worth trying. The squirrels were outsmarted this year at least. lol 🙂


  20. Racquel, I just want you to know I went to two different Big Lots with hopes of finding those wonderful bulbs and I came up empty. So you will have to definitely post pictures when they bloom.

    I’m sorry that you weren’t able to find any Paperwhites in your area Susie. 😦 But I promise to post lots of pictures when they finally do bloom!


  21. Hi Racquel, what a cheering sight are your pansy mix. With the grape hyacinths that will be a stunning container planting. Good deal on the paperwhites too, they are coming along and will some give you some delicate blooms. Way to find that glorious light!

    Thanks Frances, I only thought I bought 2 or 3 colors and ended up with 5 shades! lol I’m glad I added those Muscari bulbs last fall, it should be interesting this spring. 🙂 I’m very excited about my paperwhites, hopefully they will have some glorious blooms that I can share with all of you soon.


  22. I love pansies, too. I have a pot and a bench similar to yours. We must have good taste.

    They are such happy flowers Sue! I guess we must have good taste! 😉


  23. I adore pansies. I wish they grew here this time of year, but mine usually do well spring through fall if I keep them watered enough in the heat of the summer. Nothing growing in my garden right now, everything’s sleeping under a thick blanket of snow.

    We plant ours in the fall and they last through till May Cinj. Our summers just melt them into mush no matter what. Your thick blanket of snow is acting as a great mulch for the garden right now & blocking out those nasty weeds I have to deal with during the winter. 🙂


  24. I like the wash tub full of pansies. Alas, here even they would be a frozen block of ice. But there they like very cheery! Thanks for joining in for bloom day.

    Thanks Carol for hosting GBBD! That’s what make it so interesting, seeing what other zones can grow in their gardens year round. 🙂


  25. The tub of pansies looks great(-: I really need some. I was at WM today and they had a clearance of tulips for 12 for a dollar so I bought 4 packs. I have to get them planted tomorrow. I was thinking a tub for them too(-:
    Have a great weekend!!!

    Thanks Cindee! Wow, that’s a great deal, I need to go see if they have any clearance bulbs left at WM. They will look great in a tub surrounded by some violas or pansies maybe? 🙂


  26. What a great container for your pansies. I am so going to steal that idea.


    Thanks Deb! 😉 I’ve had that old washtub for going on 18 years now. It was originally given to us by a friend for our dog to bathe in. 🙂 I’ve painted it a couple different colors over the years as you can see by the chipping paint. Metal containers really hold up well in the garden though.


  27. Your pansies are more dash of color than anything I have in my garden! They would cheer me too if I saw them out my window. Enjoy them and your paperwhites! It won’t be long before they are blooming.

    Thanks Kathleen, I always take their happy little faces for granted until this time of the year when they are the only blooms to be seen in the garden. 🙂 I look forward to seeing the paperwhites bloom too!


  28. I whole-heartedly believe in the “better late than never” approach to life! My amaryllis may even bllom by St. Patrick’s Day!

    I do now Monica! 😉 Congrats on your Amaryllis!


  29. Your washtub container is great. I’ve always liked them, but the red paint really adds zing. Oh, and I like the Pansies too. ;^)

    Thank you MMD! 🙂 I use to have it painted a bright blue years ago, but the red really pops in the garden.


  30. How nice to have some colorful blooms to look at! The pansies look charming in that tub. Now that the snow is gone here, I’m afraid the only color we have is brown, with a little green scattered here and there.

    Thank you Connie. I feel very blessed right now to have these cheerful little blooms in the garden. 🙂


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