Winter Memories of Years Past


We don’t normally get tons of snow in my area of Virginia. Ice is usually the problem for us which can cause a lot of traffic problems.   But tens years ago we had a couple of storms that hit us hard.  The amount of snow that the Tidewater area received shut us down completely.  The boys missed quite a few days of school and they were happy. In the above photo you can see  what my front yard looked like.  Back then we had a Ligustrum Hedge that ran the perimeter of our front yard.   Here’s my youngest who must of been about 6 or 7 years old throwing a snowball at me.  He will be 16 in a couple of months so this picture made me smile.   


Here’s a photo of the back yard and Arbor Garden completely blanketed in that white stuff.   It looks pretty doesn’t it?  That’s because my boys hadn’t traipsed all through it yet, lol.  🙂


This was the snowman they got to build that year.  His Ligustrum hair cracked me up.  Thank goodness we don’t get this kind of accumulation yearly.  It was fun while it lasted but in the end I was happy to see it go.  Isn’t that usually the case with these things?


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  1. Love the snowman’s hedge hair.

    Thanks Deb! 🙂


  2. Posted by greenwalks on January 12, 2009 at 2:14 am

    Oh yeah, except I’m not even sure about the “fun” part, for me anyway! The kids do love it, though. Love the snowman’s hedge hair! 🙂

    I know what you mean Karen, it’s pretty for about 5 minutes and then it just becomes a nightmare. 🙂 The boys always loved it when it snowed because they get a snow day & play. I have to do the work part, shoveling etc… Thanks!


  3. LOL! The snowman made me laugh too! LOL! Ahhh! Sweet memories.

    Thanks Chandramouli, glad I gave you a good chuckle today. 🙂


  4. So do you think we are in for it on Thursday? I see we are expecting bitter cold temps. I remember the winter of ’93- ’94 when we had such cold weather that the creek froze solid enough that kids from across the creek walked over here, for a couple of days!

    I hope not Janet! Hubby seems to think it will be more of mixed snow thing and since the temps will be in the 40’s it probably won’t stick or stay around long at that. I remember that too Janet. I was pregnant with my youngest in 93 and had to drive to work on a sheet of ice.


  5. Beautiful snow pictures. I would love to see a pretty snow–without ice! You know in Texas we get that ice too, not much snow for us. But..I do remember when I was a little girl (many, many years ago) we usually did get at least one or two good snows every winter. Global warming?? I don’t know, but I sure would like a snow day! 🙂
    Have a good day Racquel!

    Thanks Linda. Yep us southerners don’t get the snows they do up north, just the messy ice stuff. Of course we have to deal with the humid & hot summers instead. We had a really good snow when I was in middle school one year in TX too. It was fun since we lived on a hill & could go sledding too. 🙂 Personally now that I’m older I could live without the white stuff. lol


  6. What a sweet look back. Those kids grow so fast, and yes it passes too quickly at times.

    Thanks Tina, it was fun finding these photos to share with all of you. They do grow up so fast, which also makes us old before we know it. lol 🙂


  7. I remember that snow! We had two feet of snow here in the Triangle of NC. RDU airport was closed. My husband and I (engaged at the time) were at a business meeting (yes, business) on the Big Island of Hawaii. We got stranded there because the airports here on the east coast were closed. No one felt sorry for us being stranded in Hawaii. I never understood that! 🙂

    We eventually flew standby to Dallas. Caught a flight to Charlotte. I, being the most experienced driver in such weather, drove my (now) husband, and another couple over the snowy roads from Charlotte to Raleigh.


    I can’t imagine why no one felt sorry for you being stranded in Hawaii of all places, lol. 😉 It was a rough time for our area, they weren’t expecting that much snow & we kind of got caught with our pants down. Driving here in the stuff makes for some risk taking since most people are not experienced with driving in those conditions.


  8. Hope you don’t have that much snow again anytime soon. It’s like visiting family, love to see the come, love to see them go!!

    I don’t expect to be getting anything like that for some time, the last time they got that much snow was in the 30’s. 🙂 Yep that is about how it is with snow Darla.


  9. Loved going through the photos, Racquel. Despite all the difficulty that comes with all that white stuff, snow pictures do look so beautiful. Loved the snowman too!! Have a great week! And wish you a wonderful 2009.

    Thanks Kanak, glad you enjoyed the photos today. 🙂 It did make for some beautiful pictures that day, but I was glad to see it go when it did. Happy New Year!


  10. Great pics! I like living in an area that has a change of seasons, by the time I am tired of the snow a new season begins 🙂 We have 10 inches on the ground right now, and more on the way with highs in the single digits this week.

    Thanks Mom! 🙂 I like having four seasons too, but I can live without the snow even though it is better than ice. 10 inches!!!! Brrrr! That is too much snow for me.


  11. I wish that kind of snow were a once-every-ten-year event here too!! No such luck but I guess I do happen to live in “snow country!” It’s pretty to look at and fun if you have no where to go but if you do have to get out, it’s a mess!!

    We are lucky with our winters, but occasionally we get bombarded with more than we can handle Kathleen. 🙂 I know what you mean, I love the look of fresh snow but then it just becomes a mess!


  12. Looks like your boys really enjoyed themselves–that hat on the snowman is pretty funny. Kids always love snow–but then they don’t have to shovel it or drive in it. We really haven’t had that much this year–more ice–but I’m not complaining:)

    Yep that was good day for them. 🙂 I know what you mean Rose, they get all the joys of snow without any of the work that comes with it. 🙂 I hope your winter continues to be not too bad, minus the ice of course.


  13. I think every child should have at least one snow day a year. It is the one thing that can drag some children away from computer games!
    I really miss mine and I’m not a child any more (lol)

    I think the school age kids would agree with you on that EG, lol.


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