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Rain Rain Go Away…

Arbor Garden Sept. 2011

Days of rain this week have left my yard and garden a muddy mess.  Plants are flopping and the lawn is getting a bit overgrown.  I’m sure by the time it dries out enough for me to work out there I will have lots to catch up on.  Don’t get me wrong I appreciate Mother Nature watering the garden for me, but it has gotten a bit excessive at this point. 

Shed Garden Sept. 2011

My grass hasn’t been this green and lush since last Spring and things that survived the horrendous days of July are bouncing back with a vengeance.  I have lots of things that I need to divide, cut back, plant and generally just clean up in the weeks to come.  Fall is my second favorite season.  Usually I’m out there redoing and improving the garden after hibernating indoors during the brunt of summer.  The rain has delayed me a bit.  Hope everyone is having a nice weekend so far.  Hubby is taking me out to lunch today to celebrate my b-day since he had to work Friday.  🙂

Hurricane Irene

So glad we made it through that storm with minimal damage to our yard.  The house seems to be in good shape, no structural damage.  Lots of debris in the backyard mainly which includes small tree limbs, leaves, pecan hulls, Sweet Gum balls and dead branches.  All and all we were very fortunate.  Took a stroll through our neighborhood this morning with hubby & our little terrier Spaz to see how the neighbors fared.  From the slides above you can see that they seemed to have the same minimal damage.  Some people had some larger limbs hit their chain link fencing, but that’s better than landing on the house.  I’ve heard that in the neighborhood across from us someone had a tree land on their garage.  I have ventured outside of our neighborhood as of yet, so I’m not sure what the streets are like out there.  We didn’t lose our power, it flickered a few times.  However I did hear some generators running further back in the neighborhood so obviously some did lose power yesterday.  The thing that really surprised me how this old barn (owned by the Yoder Family) which is pretty much dilapidated survived all that wind.  I figured it would have fell down by now.   Well it’s been an eventful weekend thus far, hope the rest of it is quiet.  Now I need to get out there and start the cleanup.  Boy the sanitation guys are going to be busy this week.  Have a nice weekend everyone, hope it’s uneventful for the rest of you too.   🙂

Winter Storm 2010

This year Hampton Roads had a white Christmas.  Starting the evening of the 25th it started snowing and continued on through till the evening of the 26th.  It made everything looks like a winter wonderland in my garden.   Of course we got much more than they initially expected.  We ended up with over 12″ of snow in my area.  It put the area into a state of panic and most things were closed because of the weather. 

The boys and I stayed at home safe and sound with them running out occasionally to play in the snow.  Even though their about grown they were like little kids again for a couple of days.  You can see how deep it is here, my poor old beagle had to hop through the snow.  She was loving it but I’m sure it wore her out, lol.   Spaz the terrier and the cat Mooch were not happy with the white stuff, they prefered staying indoors where it was warm.  🙂

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Another Snowy Day in Virginia

My youngest playing with the dogs

Hey! Let me in, it's cold out here!

Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow

This was what we experienced yesterday here in Hampton Roads, Virginia.  The accumulation was only about an inch, not much compared to what some of you up north and in the midwest are experiencing this month.  Even though it’s pretty, I’m glad it won’t be sticking around too long.  It’s always pretty at first, but the mess and traffic problems make it a nuisance quickly.   Even the cat decided it wasn’t a good day to go outside.  Poor Mooch.  🙂

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