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Blooms, Blooms and more Blooms!

(From upper L-R across & down: Noid yellow Bearded Iris, Allium neapolitanum, Allium 'Pink Jewel', Clematis 'Nelly Moser', Noid purple Dutch Iris, English Bluebells, Rosa 'Morning Magic', Narcissus 'Delnashaugh' and Noid Dwarf Bearded Irises)

This month has been all about the blooms so far.  There is something new to discover each day in my garden.  I just love Spring, it’s my favorite season.  Afterall everything is new and fresh again, what’s not to love? I’ve also been quite busy this season preparing new beds, mulching, completing overdue projects and weeding.  There is always something to do in the garden in the spring.  I’m trying really hard to sit back and enjoy it without finding something that needs to be tweaked, pulled or deadheaded.  That’s the hard part. 🙂 I haven’t been the best blogger this year, but I’m always available on facebook as most of you know.  Hope everyone is having a great week so far in or out of the garden.

Bloomin Tuesday

(From upper L-R across & down: Rosa 'Morning Magic', Rosa 'American Peace', Rosa 'Glowing Peace' and Clematis 'Niobe')

This week I have the last blooms of the Roses to share with you as well as the second flush of my Clematis ‘Niobe’.  It’s a rainy day in Hampton Roads and I ran out early this morning to snap a few pictures to share with you today for Bloomin’ Tuesday.  To see more Bloomin’ Tuesday posts this week or to join in on the fun please click on the link below:

Roses for Bloomin Tuesday

(From upper L-R: Rosa 'Morning Magic', Rosa 'Peace', Unknown Yellow, Knockout Roses, unknown Peach)

 Well it’s that time of the week again when we show what’s blooming in our gardens.  It’s all about the roses this week in my garden.  Some of these haven’t done much since May but their working on another big flush of blooms just in time for the next season.  The ‘Peace’ Rose, Unknown Yellow & Peach were transplants from my Grandmother’s last garden.  It’s nice to have them and I will be cutting her a few for our next visit.  Knockouts have been blooming non-stop all summer long and look great combined with my ‘Robert Poore’ Phlox.   ‘Morning Magic’ is a climber that I have growing on an arch in my Arbor Garden.  It is from the breeder of Knockouts so it’s tough, disease resistant and a prolific bloomer.  To see more Bloomin’ Tuesday posts this week please visit our host  Jean @ Ms Greenthumb.

Bloomin Tuesday

(From upper L-R across & down: Rosa 'Glowing Peace', Salvia 'Black & Blue', Scabiosa 'Yellow Sun', Beauty Berry, Pineapple Lily, Miniature Roses, Aster 'Bluebird' and Lantana 'Miss Huff')

Lots of stuff blooming this week.  It’s been hot as heck out there and you can tell which plants love the heat and which ones could use a break from it.  The Roses aren’t very happy right now, other than this miniature pink one that’s in a container in a semi-shady bed.  However the Pineapple Lily, Salvia ‘Black & Blue’ and Lantana ‘Miss Huff’ are happy as can be and pushing out blooms like there’s no tomorrow.  I love ‘Miss Huff’ so much, wish I could find another Lantana that was hardy in my zone 7b garden.  She stands up to drought, heat, you name it.  This Scabiosa seems more creamy white than yellow to me, but that’s the name it was given.  I had a few other colors at one point but they have disappeared while ‘Yellow Sun” just keeps coming back year after year.  It’s even reseeded itself in a few spots, but doesn’t seem to be a thug about it.  The amount of blooms that my Beauty Berry shrub is producing this year is astounding and I can already tell I’m going to have tons of those gorgeous purple berries this fall as well.  🙂  To see what’s blooming in other gardens this week or if you would like to join in, please visit our gracious host Jean by clicking on the icon link below:

Bloomin’ Tuesday

Profusion Zinnias & Sweet Alyssum

I’m pretty pleased with how this container looks since I just scattered some seeds of White & Yellow Profusion Zinnias and Sweet Alyssum and the arrangement is perfect. 🙂

Unknown Asiatic Lily with Liatris

Now talk about a complimentary color combination,  hot orange Asiatic Lilies and deep purple Liatris make a striking  presence together.

Rosa 'Peace' and Drumstick Alliums

I hope the Daylily ‘Colorful Summer’ that is in bud (right behind the Drumstick Alliums) open soon.  They should look pretty combined with the Alliums.  That Pink ‘Peace’ Rose is pretty as well.  Oops I missed some deadheading this week.

Echinacea 'Sundown'

Look how many blooms are on the Echinacea ‘Sundown’ right now!  So happy with this perennial coneflower.  To see more Bloomin’ Tuesday posts or to join in this week please visit our host Jean @Ms Greenthumb.

New Blooms


Penstemon 'Pikes Peak Purple'

Another Penstomon blooming, this one gets full sun in my Shed Garden.  It doesn’t mind this hot & dry location and blooms prolifically all summer long.

Rosa 'Glowing Peace'

 This is my Grandma’s favorite Rose in my garden.  In fact I think it was a transplant from her old apartment garden bed when she moved in with us 6 years ago.  I cut her a small bouquet Friday.

Thermopsis villosa (Carolina Bushpea)

Thermopsis villosa is a native plant that I picked up at a sale last fall. It’s commonly called Carolina Bushpea or False Lupine.  The blooms are very similar to the Lupine which is nice since I can’t get that pretty perennial to grow here.  It’s been a wet weekend so far, but I’m not complaining because the garden needed the extra moisture.  However it limits what I can actually do outside right now.  Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.

Bloomin Tuesday

From L-R: Bluestar Amsonia (background), Evening Primrose 'Twilight', Rosa 'Bonica' and Clematis 'Nelly Moser'

It’s that time of the week again when we show what blooming in our gardens.  This Amsonia ‘Blue Star’ is such a pale shade of blue that it photographs as white. It was a new addition in 2009 from a Master Gardener’s plant sale in Yorktown.  I may live to regret this Evening Primrose since it seems to be prolific reseeder so far.  But luckily I’ve been able to contain it somewhat in a corner of my garden where nothing else seems to thrive.  Rosa ‘Bonica is a climbing rose that has nicely fragrant flowers, but is prone to blackspot unfortunately.  I love my  ‘Nelly Moser’, she’s the first clematis that I ever purchased and is always the last to bloom. 

From L-R: Allium nectaroscordum, Allium nigrum, Allium unifolium and Allium 'Pink Jewel'

 The alliums have begun to put on their spring show and one of my favorites is this nectaroscordum which is commonly called Mediterranean Bells.  A new addition this past fall was ‘Pink Jewel’.  It’s the first and only pink tall allium according to Brecks which is where I purchased it of course.  So far the buds are tightly closed but I’m sure it will be stunning in another few days or so.  I’ve had Nigrum and Unifolium in my garden for a few years now and they are very reliable bloomers each spring.  Other than my Amsonia the theme this week seems to be pink.  To see more Bloomin’ Tuesday posts or to join in please visit Ms. Greenthumb.