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In Memory of Pepper

I finally found a memory stone for our little terrier mix Pepper who passed in late 2007.  He was the sweetest little dog and he loved to lay in my garden under a large ornamental grass that is no longer there.  I didn’t care for the grass since it tended to scratch me when I was in the garden working, so after he passed I removed it and planted his ashes there instead.  A few weeks ago I found a stone to mark the spot of our beloved and much missed friend.  He will always hold a place in our hearts.

My other garden buddy…

Mooch (the cat)

I know you all have seen various pictures on my blog where Spaz the terrier has managed to get in shots I’ve taken of the garden.  Sometimes I don’t even realize it until I upload the photos.  😉  But here is one of my other garden buddy, Mooch the cat.  He tends to stalk me when I’m doing work in the front flower beds.  It’s common for me to be kneeling down doing some weeding and him to jump out and scare the mess out of me.  lol  Last week I was trying to get some photos of the garden for a post I was doing and he managed to get in a few shots.  He was following me around like ‘hey pay attention to me….’  However I do have to keep an eye on him because he likes to chase the birds and butterflies like the typical predator.  Luckily for them he doesn’t have front claws so they have a fair chance of escaping.  This is his favorite garden to lounge in during the heat of the day since it stays shady in the afternoon.  During the morning hours he likes to hang out in the front foundation bed under the Buddleia or in the raised bed between the Daylillies which he manages to squish every summer. Oh well, gardening with pets isn’t easy but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  🙂

Another Snowy Day in Virginia

My youngest playing with the dogs

Hey! Let me in, it's cold out here!

Too cute for words?

Mooch the cat taking a 'cat nap' in my rocking chair (note the blankie and teddybear) 🙂

What a life!

My dog Spaz vegging on the couch

Mooch the cat loves duffle bags for his naps!

 Okay I know this is not garden related whatsoever, but it’s too hot to be outside right now.  We are currently experiencing a heat wave with yesterday’s high of 105 degrees!!!  Today it is suppose to be a much cooler 103, wowee! Even the pets know that the a/c is the place to be during this heatspell.  They are co-mingling as nicely as possible considering….  The cat and my little terrier mix Spaz are mortal enemies at best. lol   We keep them separate as much as possible which makes for some juggling on our part.  😉   I am still convinced that my pets have the easiest existence in the household.  So as the title of this post says…  What a life!