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Wordless Wednesday: Sweet Autumn Clematis


My favorite containers


These are my favorite container plantings at the moment.  I have two large pots that still need to be spruced up for the summer.  Procrastination is my name, lol.  The upper left plant is a purplish black variety of Sweet Potato Vine.  Sorry that didn’t have a cultivar name on the tag.  I picked up two of these at Lowe’s in May for the green ceramic pots I have on my Shed.   In the photo below this is my Pink Obedient Plant growing in the red washtub container.  No blooms yet, but it won’t be long now.  When the blooms fade I cut this perennial back and add Pansies in September to keep it looking great through late spring.  The other hanging containers I have on the shed are a faux terra cotta (plastic) that have variegated Vinca major growing in them.  They overwinter in these pots no problem, but I really need to cut some of the roots back and add more soil soon.  My last but not least favorite container has to be the Ornamental Oregano ‘Kent’s Beauty’ that I have planted in this decorative terra cotta pot.  Last fall I put it in the garage for the winter.  It resprouted this spring no problem once the temps warmed up a bit.  Can’t wait to see the pretty purplish pink bracts in the next month.  It also has teeny tiny purple blooms that are not as showy.  What are some of your favorite containers in your garden this season?  🙂

Some September Blooms

Since I missed GBBD again for the second month in a row, I thought I would share some of the current blooms in my fall garden.  I’m seeing sort or a pattern with the shades of purple & pink.  🙂  Of course I threw in a brilliant orange Cosmos that appears to be a double form.  This is thanks to the seed that my generous blogging buddy Tina shared with me last year.  I’m hoping that it scatters itself about happily throughout the garden.  Doesn’t it look great in contrast to the deep burgundy stems of the Purple Fountain Grass?  I’m also curious about the true identity of my Solidago which I thought was the cultivar ‘Fireworks’.  But after seeing Janet & Les’s plants I know that is not what I have in my garden.  Guess I got another mislabeled plant and this one was mailordered years ago.  Oh well.  I’m tickled with the reddish stems of the Gaura, makes a nice contrast to the pink blooms.  This is the second flush of the season and I’m in love with this perennial.  The Hyacinth Bean vine is not only putting out fabulous flowers but these pods too.  It took a bit for it to get to this stage but now it is a blooming machine.  This is the first lonely bloom of the Aster ‘Bluebird’ but it shows promise with all the buds yet to open.  Same goes for the Toadlily which has tripled in size from last season.  All the rain we got last month gave it a gigantic boost this season.  Of course there is lots more blooming in my September garden but these are the latest & greatest of the moment.

Plant ID?

photos 002Can anyone out there in garden blogging land help me identify this please?  This mystery vine is coming through my fence from the neighbor’s garden.  It doesn’t appear to be poison ivy and that has been a nuisance in the past don’t get me wrong.  I’ve been a bit leary about touching it nonetheless.  Next time I see my neighbor I’ll mention it to him.  I don’t want to bother him since one of my wandering vines has creeped into his garden too. 🙂

photos 004

‘Sweet Autumn’ Clematis or Clematis terniflora has jumped into the overgrown Nandinas and is blooming it’s heart out right now.  He hasn’t complained or whacked it back this summer yet.  🙂

Seeds and Seedlings

Seeds & Seedlings 001Last year I had such a hard time finding seed for fall planting that I decided I better pick my seeds up now while the stock was plentiful.  And they are actually marking everything down 60-70% in the stores so they can get rid of it.  Here are some of the things I plan on sowing late summer for a autumn harvest.  I got  ‘Black Seeded Simpson’ Lettuce, a blend of Looseleaf Lettuces, ‘Cherry Belle’ Radishes, Mesculin Spicy Mix, and ‘Baby’s Leaf’ Spinach.  

Seeds & Seedlings 002

I couldn’t resist these two interesting colors of Nasturiums either.  The colors remind me of Peaches and Chocolate…yum!  I’m thinking of putting these in some hanging containers and I better do that soon.

Seeds & Seedlings 003

Now for the seedlings portion of this post.  Ta Da! My purple Hyacinth Bean has quickly sprouted under the new trellises that I mounted last week in the New Garden.  All that rain this weekend must of kicked these annual climbers into gear.  Hope they quickly wind their way up the supports.  🙂

Vertical Growing Space

Trellis Project

At one time these 4 ft trellises supported my Clematis ‘Niobe’ in the Rose Bed.   When I moved ‘Niobe’ to the front foundation bed they were assigned to the Veggie Garden.  However after considering how short they were for squash, beans and cukes they were replaced with 6 ft composite ones.  So they were homeless again and I’m a big believer in reusing things in the garden. Last December I received quite a few annual seed vines in the mail during my seed swap with other bloggers.  But I was running out of vertical growing space so it was time to repurpose these again.  They were a bit short so I decided to mount them on the fence at the back of the New Garden bed instead of sticking them into the ground.  My Mom gave me the idea of using cup hooks.  Thanks Mom! 

  Hyacinth Bean Vine

And I have the perfect seeds to grow here.  This garden is shades of purple and yellow so the Hyacinth Bean seeds that Brenda @ View From the Pines sent me will be a great addition. I love how she printed a photo of the vine on this envelope, isn’t that clever?  I’ve never grown this particular climber so it will be fun to watch it scurry up the newly placed supports.  Plus it will disguise a large chunk of that plain wooden privacy fence.  You can never have too much vertical growing space in the garden in my opinion.  🙂

A simple project

simple-project-pageThere are always a million ideas swirling around in my head.  Hubby can see my mind working and probably thinking oh-oh here we go again. lol  Every spring I have plans to improve or enlarge the garden.  Some are large time consuming projects while others minor and easy to complete in less than a few hours time. Regardless they all add just a bit more of my personal touch to my garden space.  Here’s one of the simpler projects I completed this spring.  I have three Clematis ‘Niobe’ that were growing on small metal trellises.  Of course I knew I could do better by moving them to the two large pvc trellises on the front of the house.  Unfortunately there is a gap between the ground and bottom of the trellises of about 10 inches.  I wanted the twining tendrils to have something to latch onto while they made their way up the structure this spring.   I had these bamboo poles and a can of white spray paint sitting in my garage and an idea popped into my head.   First I spray painted the bamboo white, then I cut them to size and inserted them into the bottoms of the hollow pvc bases of the trellises.   A simple but effective project completed in less than an hour.  The white poles now blend in with the rest of the structure and eventually you won’t see them at all is my hope.  Last but not least, plant the vines and viola!   A long drink of water, some compost or mulch to top it off and talk about almost instant gratification.   🙂