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Blooms, Blooms and more Blooms!

(From upper L-R across & down: Noid yellow Bearded Iris, Allium neapolitanum, Allium 'Pink Jewel', Clematis 'Nelly Moser', Noid purple Dutch Iris, English Bluebells, Rosa 'Morning Magic', Narcissus 'Delnashaugh' and Noid Dwarf Bearded Irises)

This month has been all about the blooms so far.  There is something new to discover each day in my garden.  I just love Spring, it’s my favorite season.  Afterall everything is new and fresh again, what’s not to love? I’ve also been quite busy this season preparing new beds, mulching, completing overdue projects and weeding.  There is always something to do in the garden in the spring.  I’m trying really hard to sit back and enjoy it without finding something that needs to be tweaked, pulled or deadheaded.  That’s the hard part. 🙂 I haven’t been the best blogger this year, but I’m always available on facebook as most of you know.  Hope everyone is having a great week so far in or out of the garden.

Wordless Wednesday- Spring Blooms

New Daffodils for 2012

This past fall I planted a mixed bag of Narcissus in one of my garden beds.  The names are unknown to me but it was a nice surprise to see them starting to bloom this weekend.  I’m itching to get out to the garden again.  I plan on getting out there and cleaning out all the debris and weeds that are sprouting this week.  Hope everyone is having a nice weekend.  It was nice to see the sun shining today.  🙂

Spring has Sprung!


The Garden is starting to pop with color already.  It seems a bit early to me, but our weather has been pretty mild this winter.  The first signs of spring are the Hellebores ‘Pink Lady’, perennial Candytuft and some yellow Narcissus. 

Months of Daffodils

Several months ago I ordered a mixed bag of Narcissus bulbs from Brecks.  I forgot about this purchase until it showed up in the mail the other day.  The collection was a great price last May and it promised 3 months worth of blooms.  Now I just need to get them planted and wait for the blooms to show up next Spring.  Daffodils are the easiest bulbs, just plant and forget.  I even know where I’m going to plant them, the Hosta Garden.  The ‘Royal Standard’ Hostas don’t emerge until late March to early April depending on the temps and once the Daffs are spent the foliage will be hidden by the leaves of these huge Hosta.  Plus they’ll get plenty of sun since the foliage on the Pecan Tree overhead  is deciduous and won’t be filled out until late April-early May.  I’m looking forward to next spring and all the much anticipated blooms.  Hope everyone is having a good weekend so far in or out of the garden.   🙂

Fall Surprises in the garden….

Amaryllis 'Appleblossom'

Last winter I tried forcing an Amaryllis bulb to bloom indoors with no luck.  This past spring I planted the bulb in the garden and forgot about it.  So when I discovered that it has produced new foliage the other day I was happily surprised to say the least.  Crossing my fingers that it will overwinter in the garden and produce blooms in the near future.  🙂 

Camelia Seedling?

Another nice surprise was this seedling that I’m pretty sure is a Camelia.  I lost my only Camelia shrub last winter, it succumed to either the previous summer’s heat or the wet winter.  Anyhow I’m going to keep an eye on this little guy and see what happens.  I might of planted this one, because I did get some free seeds from the Learning Garden when I went with Janet of  The Queen of Seaford.  🙂


note:  How do you like my new theme for Autumn?  I kind of like it. 🙂

Bloomin Tuesday

Dwarf Bearded Irises

October has brought cooler temps to my area along with a couple of bloomers that prefer this time of the year.  These yellow Dwarf Bearded Irises are rebloomers.  They bloom in the Spring and then give me a beautiful encore performance in the Fall.  Talk about more bang for your buck.

Toad Lily

The Toad Lily or Tricyrtis is a shade loving perennial that blooms in the fall once the temps have cooled off a bit.  I have another one called ‘Purple Beauty’ that is full of buds.  To see more Bloomin’ Tuesday posts or to join in this week please visit  our host Jean by clicking on the link below: