Months of Daffodils

Several months ago I ordered a mixed bag of Narcissus bulbs from Brecks.  I forgot about this purchase until it showed up in the mail the other day.  The collection was a great price last May and it promised 3 months worth of blooms.  Now I just need to get them planted and wait for the blooms to show up next Spring.  Daffodils are the easiest bulbs, just plant and forget.  I even know where I’m going to plant them, the Hosta Garden.  The ‘Royal Standard’ Hostas don’t emerge until late March to early April depending on the temps and once the Daffs are spent the foliage will be hidden by the leaves of these huge Hosta.  Plus they’ll get plenty of sun since the foliage on the Pecan Tree overhead  is deciduous and won’t be filled out until late April-early May.  I’m looking forward to next spring and all the much anticipated blooms.  Hope everyone is having a good weekend so far in or out of the garden.   🙂


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  1. They will be beautiful. I bought several packages of bulbs, and the challenge is always to get them planted. I’m sure this year will be no different.~~Dee


  2. Yeah for daffodils and surprises! Lucky you to know where you are going to plant them too. This is always an issue I have.


  3. I love planting bulbs in the fall … looking forward to seeing your 3 months of blooms in the spring


  4. Hope you get them planted. I just chucked a bag of 50 that I bought two (three?) years ago and forgot to plant before the ground froze. This year I’ve done better! Knowing where they’re going is half the battle!

    Three months of blooms–wow! You’ll have to report on the accuracy of that promise!



  5. I think I ordered the same collection! I planted them, along with a mixed bag of 40 tulips in front of a large spruce tree near my shade garden. Looking forward to seeing both our daffodil gardens next spring!


  6. I like your plan for where to put your bulbs. Have fun getting them in! I don’t think I’m going to plant any after all. I planted some early spring blooming natives in the new area in front of the fence in the front yard where I was going to plant bulbs. I hope they do well.


    • Got them all in yesterday Sue, it’s going to be beautiful next spring. (she said crossing her fingers) 🙂 Good luck with your early blooming natives, keep us posted.


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