My favorite containers


These are my favorite container plantings at the moment.  I have two large pots that still need to be spruced up for the summer.  Procrastination is my name, lol.  The upper left plant is a purplish black variety of Sweet Potato Vine.  Sorry that didn’t have a cultivar name on the tag.  I picked up two of these at Lowe’s in May for the green ceramic pots I have on my Shed.   In the photo below this is my Pink Obedient Plant growing in the red washtub container.  No blooms yet, but it won’t be long now.  When the blooms fade I cut this perennial back and add Pansies in September to keep it looking great through late spring.  The other hanging containers I have on the shed are a faux terra cotta (plastic) that have variegated Vinca major growing in them.  They overwinter in these pots no problem, but I really need to cut some of the roots back and add more soil soon.  My last but not least favorite container has to be the Ornamental Oregano ‘Kent’s Beauty’ that I have planted in this decorative terra cotta pot.  Last fall I put it in the garage for the winter.  It resprouted this spring no problem once the temps warmed up a bit.  Can’t wait to see the pretty purplish pink bracts in the next month.  It also has teeny tiny purple blooms that are not as showy.  What are some of your favorite containers in your garden this season?  🙂


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  1. Very nice!

    I don’t tend to bother with the containers anymore… However I am looking forward to one I planted with Coreopsis ‘moonbeam’, I cannot wait for the clouds of creamy flowers to erupt.
    Another which has impressed me no end is a large blue pot which I have been fighting with a Fox over – he continuously digs the contents up for me. And finally he seems to have stopped and it’s looking very nice with a sea of mixed Viola and Lilies waiting to flower.

    You’ve picked some great plants for your containers Liz. I love putting perennials in containers, most of them do really well and later they can always be planted in the garden. Glad to hear the Fox finally left your blue pot alone enough for the Violas & Lillies to emerge. 🙂


  2. Your containers are so nice and I really like how you hang them on your shed.

    I look forward to seeing that oregano of yours. There are some lovely ornamentals that I’ve been coveting!

    As for my containers…

    Last year, I went all out on containers. Our vacation was two weeks later than usual this year and with no rain prior to leaving, I have a lot of empty pots sitting around right now.

    Before vacation, I planted two perennial succulent containers and featured one on my blog.

    I also used perennials (cast iron plant, pulmonaria, carex) in my two front porch urns — with a dash of begonia, impatiens and torenia.

    My son gave me another KO rose for Mother’s Day and I had no room in the ground, so I planted it in a big pot.

    I had a rosemary and candytuft still in their nursery pots, so I threw those together in an urn.

    I have so many empty containers sitting around that probably won’t be planted this year. I lose interest when the weather is in the 90s for weeks at a time!

    Thanks Cameron, as soon as that Oregano starts blooming I promise to post a pic on here. Sounds like you have some beautiful containers, love the idea of Rosemary & Candytuft. I don’t blame you it’s hard to get motivated to plant pots with the heat we’ve been having lately. 🙂


  3. I like the black vine in your green pot. I think it really sets it off.

    Happy weekend!

    Thanks Susie, me too. Have a nice weekend yourself! 🙂


  4. Nice. This is my first year with obedient plant. I was wondering when they bloom. Mine are in the garden not containers. I haven’t forgotten your Walking Iris, I have just been busy with my Dad, my daughter’s wedding plans and now my elbow surgery coming up next week. I will get you one though..

    Oh be careful, the pink variety is quite invasive which is why I grow mine in a container, it spreads through underground runners. Oh I almost forgot about the Walking Iris, that’s okay, I know you’ve had alot on your plate lately. Take your time and don’t worry about it. 🙂


  5. Love your containers. I have sever plants waiting to be potted. Still looking for just the right yellow bloomer for the back to finish it up.
    Have a great weekend.

    Thanks Marnie. I have an Abelia shrub still in the nursery pot I need to get in the ground. It’s just been so hot! Have a nice weekend and hope you find a home for your plants soon. 🙂


  6. The sweet potato vine really works with the green pot. Attractive containers do make the plants in them look better. I like terracotta and ceramic pots but there is the problem of overwintering if they are not emptied. A good reason for not spending too much on them!

    I really like the color combination of the green pot with the purplish black SP vine too. Yep you are so right about attractive containers. But I find that the ceramic ones tend to be quite expensive vs the faux ones and like you said about the winter problems. 🙂


  7. I have quite a few containers, some with a mix of perennials and annuals. I also have a large pot with variegated vinca major in it that overwinters. Actually, several of my pots have at least some vinca major. I have a butterfly bush in a large pot and other pots filled with sweet potato vine, petunias, impatiens, begonias, dahlias, moonflower, chrysanthemums, verbena, and geraniums. I think I’ve missed a few flowers, but I do have lots of containers! I bought a Kent’s Beauty oregano on clearance last summer, but sadly it was too pot bound to make it. It was so pretty, though!

    My Grandmother has a bit of Vinca Major in all her pots as well, it’s a nice companion to other plants, but it will take over if you let it. I’ve never tried Butterfly Bush in a container, it must be a dwarf variety. Mine gets to be about 8′ tall so it would have to be a huge pot. 😉 Sorry to hear your Kent’s Beauty didn’t make it. That’s a shame. 😦


  8. That last container is my favorite! Love the blue against the terra cotta. My favorite container is the old wash tub. I wanted one for so many years…and finally thanks to hubby found one. I just love it!

    Thanks Linda, I love the decorative terra cotta pot the best too. 🙂 Plus the plant in it is one of my favorites as well. Oh I love that old wash tub of yours and the stand it sets on as well.


  9. As I garden in a “concrete jungle” with little gardening space, I rely on my containers to add some colour. Looks like we think alike. Can’t wait to see the obedient plant in bloom.

    Alot of gardeners have the same lack of space you have, containers are a great solution to this issue. I promise to post a pic when the Obedient Plant blooms. 🙂


  10. A very eclectic collection of favorites – two old cream cans, a washtub on a stand, old metal sprinking cans tipped and half-buried in the herb garden, old crocks with broken bottoms, three graduated-sized round Mexican pots bought from the flea market at least 12 years ago (off the back of a truck from south of the border), a concrete footed urn from my husband’s grandma (painted blue but peeling off just enough to be interesting), and a former two-tiered Spanish-style fountian. I like containers, ha!

    You have a wonderful assortment of interesting containers in your garden Deb. I bet they just make your garden more beautiful. 🙂


  11. I really like the black sweet potato vine in the green pot, Racquel. I like to plant lots of containers; I’m sure I helped the local garden center economy with all the annuals I bought this year:)

    Thanks Rose, I’m fond of that color combo too. 🙂 I haven’t been doing my part lately, it’s been too hot so far this summer to think of planting anything. Maybe come fall? lol


  12. Oh, good, I can leave a comment. It said somewhere the comments were closed for the post. You have some nice containers, too. You’re like me, in that you have some perennials that spread contained.


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