Revisiting our local park

new-posts-006The other day I discussed my life choices which involved getting more physical activity in 2009.  One way we intend to do that is by using the walking trails at  Riverview Farm Park which is closeby.  When we first moved into the area 11 years ago this park was just in the conception stage.   I am amazed by how much they have accomplished thanks to donations from generous residents and businesses.  The playground which is new-posts-0101named “Fantasy Farm” was one of the first things they broke ground on and my boys were fortunate to be able to enjoy some time here before they were too big.   This play area is situated on 30,000 square feet along with public restrooms and a concession stand.    They also did some beautiful landscaping in this area filling it with native shrubs, trees as well as some annuals for seasonal interest.  The thing that really impresses me is how much of the original landscape was left intact during the construction of this public park.  The walking path winds through these natural areas giving you a nice view while your increasing your heartrate.  There are newly planted trees throughout the property that are being maintained for the future with treegator watering bags to keep these young saplings properly hydrated new-posts-011during the first few years of their life.   Some of them had name plaques to let you know  the  scientific and common name of these trees.  Which is great if you don’t know much about trees, let alone their proper names.   Most of them seem to be native to the east coast and deciduous.  Crape Myrtles, Magnolias & Maples were just a few of the species that were planted.  In about 10 -15 years when these trees are more mature and lush this area will really be something to see  in the spring, summer and fall.   In addition they have well placed benches along the route to sit and take a rest or to view nesting boxes that have been mounted on posts throughout the area.  I’m glad we decided to start walking at the park , it’s a great way for me and hubby to spend some quality time together.  Plus it should be interesting watching the landscape change over the next couple of seasons.


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  1. I will find it interesting to see how it changes over the seasons. It’s a bit like travelling without the carbon.

    Thanks Catmint. I promise to post the changing of the seasons. Thanks for stopping by! 😉


  2. How fantastic it must be to have a great park like that with actual landscaping to be active and involved in. Wonderful.

    Thanks Deb, it was one of the selling points for us when we moved into this area. 🙂


  3. Racquel, you are sooo lucky to have a great park like that so close to you! I would love that.

    Thanks Kylee, it is wonderful to have a lovely park like this nearby. 🙂


  4. Posted by greenwalks on January 11, 2009 at 2:39 am

    Great to have such a wonderful park nearby. We have to walk down/up big hills to get to any natural area that is sizable, but still I should do it more. You are setting a great example!

    Thanks Karen. I think the setting will help keep me properly motivated to keep doing something healthy for me too. 🙂


  5. What a nice park! We also value such green spaces in our community. It’s great to see efforts being made for parks again. Maybe one upside the downside of real estate is that communities will be able to afford property to keep as green space.


    Thanks Cameron, I know that this on top of the schools in the area was a great attraction for us when we were looking to buy a house all those years ago. You may have a point there, we all could benefit from more green spaces in the community.


  6. It looks like a very nice to walk. A very good job indeed for the city to build it.

    It is a wonderful place to walk Tina (weather permitting of course). 🙂


  7. Nice, wish it was within walking distance to my house. Understand they have a dog park as a section of the park. Janet

    It is nice to have a park so closeby Janet. 🙂 Yep they added a dogpark where you can let your dogs run leash-free in 2007. I think you have to pay $10.00 a year to join it.


  8. Hi Racquel,
    Hey…I can see this color better. Thanks.
    Your park is wonderful…our prairie preserve down the road is much the same, except our landscape is pretty hilly…so the walking path is up and down. Still a nice walk if you take it slow.Looks like you will be able to get some good photos there as well.

    Hi Balisha, I didn’t adjust anything that I’m aware of but I’m glad you can see it better. 🙂 I’m looking forward to feeling more energetic & healthier in the new year & watching the seasons change in our park.


  9. A nice park. Trees with labels you say? Now, that’s something really awesome. So nice of them to educate people!

    Thanks Chandramouli! Isn’t it wonderful that they are providing information for those of us that are unknowledgeable about trees.


  10. Hi Racquel, how wonderful that the park renovation was done so sensitively to the terrain. Benches and labels are nice touches too. I need to do more exercise of that type instead of the bending over the earth on hands and knees type that I do nearly every day! HA

    It’s nice to see renovation that doesn’t involve complete destruction of the existing landscape nowadays Frances. It looks like they are really trying to educate the public and provide something beautiful to look at for future generations. I know what you mean, I do alot of that type of bending and kneeling in my garden, it is a form of physical activity but is hard on the joints a bit. 😉


  11. Racquel, You are very lucky to have a park like this so close to you. My “life choice” I make every year is to get more exercise, especially to get back into the walking routine. Unfortunately, the road we live on is not very “walker-friendly,” so I’m always making excuses. Having a lovely walking trail like this nearby would certainly make me more motivated!
    By the way, I’m forcing bulbs for the first time, too; I’m hoping they bloom before the outside ones do:)

    Thanks Rose, I do feel lucky to have a wonderful park nearby. 🙂 Looks like we have a common “Life Choice”, hopefully you will be able to find a place to achieve your goal. Good luck with your indoor forcing, wouldn’t it be nice to have indoor blooms before the early spring bulbs start budding up?


  12. Well you have a great place to walk and watch the changes taking place. Keep us posted!

    Thanks Darla, I promise to keep you all in the loop. 🙂


  13. I just started (again) walking around my neighborhood. The arthritis sent me out there for more activity more than any other reason. And the more peaceful sleep that follows exercise. We all need to get out there and walk and get healthier!

    Good for you Brenda! We took the dogs for a brisk walk through the neighborhood today. It gives them a chance to get some exercise & catch up on their curb sniffing or pee-mail as my Dad always said. 🙂


  14. I would love a great park like that, the closest one is too far away for us to use.

    That’s a shame Cinj, a nice park nearby is really a treat.


  15. One of the reasons I hate the relentless rain up here is because we can’t get in our walks! My husband and I have enjoyed taking walks together (both with the kids in tow and without) for the 16 years we have been together. Oh my, did I just type 16?! Time flies doesn’t it! 🙂

    It looks like you have a wonderful spot for enjoying those walks!

    I know what you mean Cynthia. Me & hubby enjoy our time together whether that be taking a walk or getting a cup of coffee at starbucks. The weather can be quite a nuisance at times depending on what activities we want to do. We’ve been together 21 years, and yes times flies. Children have a way of making that happen I find, lol. 🙂 Thanks, it is a nice park to take a stroll.


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