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Late winter checklist


Today is the first day of February which means that we have 47 days till the official day of spring starts on March 20th.   Bulbs are poking their heads up all over my garden.  That means I need to start preparing for the upcoming season.  Here are some things on my list as well as others that can be done this month: 

  • Keep the winter weeds in check (need to get busy on this one)
  • Cut back  the roses and  Buddleia to about 18″  from the ground
  • Cut ornamental grasses to the ground
  • Trim summer blooming shrubs now if necessary
  • Make three 2×4 raised beds for my square foot veggie garden
  • Apply weed and feed to the lawn
  • Continue to turn compost in bins
  • Keep birdfeeders full of seed
  • Divide summer blooming perennials
  • Replace mulch as needed in beds

I’m hoping this month just flies on by, the sooner spring will be here.  Another garden season is just around the corner.  Time to start preparing for it!