Late winter checklist


Today is the first day of February which means that we have 47 days till the official day of spring starts on March 20th.   Bulbs are poking their heads up all over my garden.  That means I need to start preparing for the upcoming season.  Here are some things on my list as well as others that can be done this month: 

  • Keep the winter weeds in check (need to get busy on this one)
  • Cut back  the roses and  Buddleia to about 18″  from the ground
  • Cut ornamental grasses to the ground
  • Trim summer blooming shrubs now if necessary
  • Make three 2×4 raised beds for my square foot veggie garden
  • Apply weed and feed to the lawn
  • Continue to turn compost in bins
  • Keep birdfeeders full of seed
  • Divide summer blooming perennials
  • Replace mulch as needed in beds

I’m hoping this month just flies on by, the sooner spring will be here.  Another garden season is just around the corner.  Time to start preparing for it!


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  1. Wow, you can do a lot in February. I call this Farch; the interminable period of February-March when winter seems like it will last approximately forever.

    Our winters are quite short compared to up north. My family lives in Ohio and they are snowbound at the moment and will probably be in winter up until April.


  2. It surely will fly by soon,Racquel. Febraury is short and soon you’d wish you had some rest!

    Yes it will Chandramouli which is why I am taking advantage of this lull to veg indoors. 🙂


  3. I like the idea of how you make a to do list, either by season or by month, do you mind if I adopt this quality of yours?

    Thanks Darla, no I don’t mind you adopting this at all. 🙂


  4. Is that a hawk in the picture?

    Yes it is Les, I think it’s a Cooper Hawk. They’ve been frequent visitors to the garden (lingering near the feeders).


  5. If the weather is good, Jamie and I need to get in the yard and do some things today. There’s not a whole lot but we do need to tweak some stuff.

    Yeah me too Randy! I need to get busy with my weeding! 😉 That is the main thing.


  6. Good checklist! You have a few I need to add to mine-like those weeds and bird feeders. The gardening season will surely pick up very soon now.

    Thanks Tina. Your list was great too, more detailed! Yep it won’t be much longer now until the spring bulbs start showing off! 🙂


  7. All I can do here is shovel the snow that keeps falling. We get more every week and I’m getting a little tired of it. At least the muscles are ready for turning over compost.

    Sorry Daphne, at least you are keeping in shape for the upcoming garden season. Spring will be here for everyone sooner than we think!


  8. Hi Racquel,
    Be sure to leave some time for blogging…. What is that vine with the berries?

    Hi Balisha, I promise to always leave time for blogging! 🙂 Actually that is an ornamental shrub called Nandina. It is evergreen and gives lots of color & structure to my garden in the winter.


  9. I like to read these to-do lists. It’s like we’re all going to get up and exercise together! 🙂 motivation!


    Hi Cameron, we will be getting some cardio soon, lol. 🙂


  10. Hi Racquel, FINALLY February! Your checklist is great. The square foot gardening is so exciting. We finally had a warmer day today and I did some of the things on your list too. It cannot all be done in one day, but our weather has been such that we have to work like mad when it is warmer and not raining. It felt so good too.

    Thanks Frances! We had a nice day today too and I did a little bit in the garden. Nope we have to break it up into bits and pieces at this time of the year. 🙂


  11. Consider yourself lucky with your long list of must-dos before spring, Racquel! We here in Michigan will be lucky to see the ground before April! Though today is a balmy 42 degress :), Wednesday’s predicted high is 13 😦

    I know I am blessed to have a milder winter. My family lives in Ohio and they have lots and lots of snow right now. Brr…Wednesday is going to be cold! Stay warm!


  12. Good luck with all your February tasks, Racquel! I know if the weather cooperates, you will get them all done. About the only thing I can accomplish here, though, is to keep the birdfeeders filled, unless we have a surprising warm spell this month.

    Thanks Rose. I just need to get busy and take advantage of the nicer days this month. The birds have been eating me out of house & home at the feeders this winter.


  13. Hi Racquel,
    Found your link through various garden blogs..really enjoying your posts. I’m jealous that you are geared up for checklist work! We (central NJ) are still deep in ice and snow so no trimming yet for me but I suppose the snow is good insulation from the cold wind! I’m dreaming of the day when I can retire to a zone 7. First day of spring seems so far off! Thanks for sharing,

    Hello Lynn. I’m glad you’ve been enjoying my posts! Our zones are quite different but it is interesting to see what other people throughout the country are doing from month to month. I loved the photos you posted yesterday, great scenes!


  14. I see you’re a list gal like me! Can’t remember squat without a list.

    Yep it keeps me on track Brenda. It is something I picked up when I was working as an administrative assistant. To be good you had to be very organized. 🙂


  15. Posted by greenwalks on February 1, 2009 at 7:41 pm

    Oh, 47 more days? I see so many signs of spring already here, that I don’t really count the first official day for much. But then again, if you have a big chores list like we all probably do, having a long span of time to get it all done in feels better, huh?!

    It does seem like spring is coming quicker than the calendar says Karen. I better get busy since we might have less time than I thought! 😉


  16. “just around the corner…” I LOVE that!! 🙂

    Glad I made you smile with that one Linda! 🙂 It will be here before we know it!


  17. When you have it counted out in days, it doesn’t seem as long somehow? I have many of the chores on your list to do too ~ I just haven’t put them in list form. That’s probably why you get so much more done than me! Handsome hawk.

    I’m glad I could make the time seem shorter for you Kathleen! 🙂 I’m a list maker, otherwise I forget things, lol. But really the lists help keep me organized and on task. I’m lucky I got this shot of him since Spaz was barking at him and he flew off seconds after I took this photo.


  18. Just keeping the bird feeders filled is a full time job around here this time of year! It’s amazing what those little creatures can consume. looks like you’re going to be a busy gal, Racquel.

    Yep that is a full time job here too Nancy. The birds in my yard sit on the fence and chirp at me nonstop if they get empty. 😉 They have been eating me out of house & home this year with seed.


  19. Posted by skeeter on February 2, 2009 at 11:26 am

    So much to do and so little time because those days will fly by before you know it so you better get busy! 🙂 We started to play in the yard this weekend. We have a good start. Ah the grass weeds, is there a cure for that one? We must get on that soon. I dont like to put out fertilizer as we have ground eating birds and I fear for their health. The weed is starting to take over so we must do something and soon…

    Yep I got quite a bit done this afternoon in the garden. The weather was so nice I knew I better take advantage of it! 😉 We are seriously considering redoing our front lawn since it has really become one big weed festival. In the process I can mark out the new layout for the front foundation bed and the new bed along the driveway.


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