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He knows me so well…

My husband ordered me a wonderful gift for Valentine’s Day and it came in the mail yesterday.  After I saw what the name on the box was he let me open it early.  🙂  (by the way it was Gardener’s Supply Company)  Usually I am very good with surprises and waiting but when I saw who it was from it was driving me crazy!  See I’ve been hinting around to him for the past week or so about something I really would love to have to help me get my garden started sooner this year.  Are you curious yet?  Okay here it is:


My very own tabletop seed starting light kit!  They had this as a starter kit which included everything you see plus twelve quarts of organic potting mix.  The white styrofoam containers are 4″ size which eliminates all the transplanting later on.  I suppose I could substitute a different seed tray or peat pellets as well.  Below the white containers is a reservoir tray and lid which holds 1 gallon of water.  On top of the lip you place a moisture wicking mat that is long enough to fit one end into the tray.  This way your plants soak moisture up from the bottom eliminating some of the problems such as overwatering, underwatering and dampening off (fungus).  Before investing in a larger system I thought I would like to start with a table top version to see what I thought.  Looks like I will be able to get those Cosmos ‘Psyche’ and Angelonia started soon….Wish me luck!!!