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The First Daffodils of Spring

2009-02-17_080926The first Daffodil of spring has bloomed in my garden!  It’s a miniature Narcissus that has been coming up for years now.  I don’t remember the name of this petite beauty.  The foliage is strappy like Liropes and it is only about 4″ tall.  This single bloomer is separated from its’ siblings which must of happened when I transplanted several daylillies to this spot.  Either that or a squirrel is messing with me again, lol.  I’ve had lone bulbs come up over the years in areas where I know I didn’t plant them.  So maybe  in the process of burying and digging up the zillions of Pecans in my garden the squirrels are moving some bulbs around haphazardly…  It’s a thought, don’t you think?   Anyhow, the second photo shows the buds on a large flowering Narcissus that was growing in my yard when we bought the house.   In fact the original patch was coming up in the lawn every year and being mowed down by hubby shortly after they bloomed each spring.  They have multiplied nicely since then and I have three large bunches now that I meant to divide this spring before they started blooming.  Note to self…don’t forget to divide these after they bloom this spring.  This is a sure sign of spring in my garden (very early spring) and soon they will have other varieties of bulbs joining in the festivities.  Even though it is a chilly morning here in VA I know that it won’t last forever and another growing season will be upon us again.