October brings…

October brings shorter days and cooler nights. 

 October brings blooms in shades of red, yellow and orange. 

October brings the fruits of Pecans, Apples and Pumpkins.

October brings the hope of a new spring when planting bulbs.

October brings the beginning of a new season in the garden.


16 responses to this post.

  1. Love this tribute to October.. especially planning for the next spring.


  2. October brings us some great goodies! Lovely oranges!


  3. Wonderful! Looks like October brings snow to some of our fellow gardeners.


  4. So lovely … sorry to see October end 😦


  5. Lovely, Racquel! I’m not usually a fan of orange, but this time of year it’s the perfect color.


  6. Ohhhh–love this post!!! I love October too–and hate to see it go. Wish we had several Octobers in our year! 🙂


  7. I enjoyed reading your poem…I too love late Autumn..


  8. A very orange time of year – even leaves get in the act. Not too keen on the shorter days though!


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