The Garden in 2006

I’ve been browsing through my photos on the external harddrive and come across these photos of the garden in the spring of 2006.  It’s amazing how different things look now.  These photos were before I got my digital camera.  These were transferred by the photo center from film to cds. (click on any picture to enlarge it)

This is the Fountain Bed in a previous life.  The urn fountain in the center was the predecessor to the new self contained fountain.  Look how pretty my Rhododendrum looks in full bloom with those lovely lavender blossoms.

The Arbor Garden looked pretty good that spring too.  I know it’s spring because the grass is green and healthy.  The heat of summer hasn’t done it’s damage yet.  My Clematis ‘Nelly Moser’ on the right side of the arch is in full flush and looking pretty spectacular.

Here you can see the Woodland Garden minus the Crepe Myrtle.  Down to the far right corner you can just make out the white top of the old TV Antenna that was removed this year and made into a trellis.  The Daffodil foliage is still green under the Nandinas and the Lirope new growth has just emerged.

The Rose and Border Beds are looking fresh and showing off their late spring flowers.  The Yellow Irises, Knockout Roses and Clematis ‘Niobe’ are blooming happily.  When you enlarge the photo you can just make out the buds on the Peonies. 

The front foundation bed looks fairly young here with the Euonymus ‘Emerald & Gold’ still  quite small.  They are three times this size now.  Oh and I had roses growing on this pair of trellises mounted to the brick wall.  They didn’t bloom this year so they will be replaced with something else that is more prolific.  Well I hope you enjoyed the trip back in time to my garden of 2006.

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  1. Posted by greenwalks on October 30, 2008 at 12:37 am

    Looks pretty tidy then, and even more so now! Obviously a well-tended plot.

    Thanks Karen. It’s fun to watch my garden evolve.


  2. I love to look back at old photos and walk down memory lane. You have lots of room and some beautiful plants. I’ve seen you work so hard to accomplish many things in your garden. I like the assortment. It’s just going to get better and better with all your creativity.

    Thank you Anna. It is fun to walk down memory lane & watch our gardens change over the years. I appreciate your kind comments.


  3. Racquel, you’ve come a long way since these pictures were taken. Even though I love your 2006 gardens I think they are now spectacular.

    Did you find out anymore about those mushrfooms in your neighbor’s yard??

    Thanks Becky. I can’t wait to see my 2009 gardens after all the revamping I’ve done. No, I need to go see if they are still there and if so maybe they will let me have them for my compost bin. 🙂


  4. Isn’t it strange to look at old garden pictures ? .. it is almost as if it were some one else’s garden ? .. and they always look so neat and controlled back then. We had lawn .. a sand pit for the owner’s youngest .. and two dead trees (drought time) .. hubby reflects back and says the old owners would never recognize it now ?
    I love all those gorgeous BIG hostas you have there !
    : )

    It is sort of surreal to look back at the garden and realize how much it has evolved since then. I do like what I’ve done with the yard since we bought the house 10 years ago. There were some basic skeletons here but nothing really defined. Thanks Joy, those are Royal Standard Hostas, they are my faves!


  5. Love looking at before pictures! Your garden was pretty 2 years ago, but your hard work has made it even more beautiful. Thanks for sharing these. Have a great day!

    Thanks Linda. I’m glad you enjoyed my before pictures and I look forward to showing you my 2009 garden. You are quite welcome. 🙂


  6. Good morning Racquel, it’s a pleasure to see the way your gardens have progressed. I love looking at older photos of the garden, seeing how much things have grown and changed over the years.

    Thanks Linda. I’m glad you enjoyed my photos today of the 2006 garden.


  7. Isn’t it fun to look back at old photos and see how your garden has evolved!?! Enjoyed the tour. Thanks for the visit.

    It is fun, I was glad I still had these pictures preserved on my harddrive. You are quite welcome for the tour Susie. 🙂


  8. It looks so tidy! No weed at all 🙂 LOL Tyra

    Thanks Tyra. Looks can be deceiving when it comes to no weeds, lol.


  9. Your garden is so pretty. What are the small shrubs in front of the fence and beside the house?

    Thank you Marnie. Which picture are you referring to?


  10. So tidy!! very lovely, your trellises are gorgeous, wonder why the rose didn’t bloom? I have the hardest time with roses, except of course the no maintenance knockout rose.

    Thanks Darla. I moved those roses over there in 2005 and they only bloomed in 2006. I think I got a small flush last year. I have no idea why they didn’t bloom this year.


  11. Flashbacks are great for garden views! You have/had such lovely gardens now/then.


    PS Come over to my blog and tell us how YOU overwinter!

    Thanks Cameron. I’m glad you enjoyed the flashback. I enjoyed your post today & took the poll! 🙂


  12. It’s pretty neat to go back in time and look at the garden. It would be really interesting to see a side by side comparison of your garden and how it’s changed!

    It was fun to see pictures of the garden from 2 years ago. I even have some from 9 years ago which is really interesting. Believe me it has really changed.


  13. I loved seeing your old pictures. The first picture looks like my old yard in the 70’s. You have done so much this year…It will be fun to see all your new plants thriving in your updated yard.

    Thanks Balisha, I can’t wait to show pictures of my 2009 garden come next summer.


  14. It is fun to find old garden photos, isn’t it? It never feels like much has changed until you see direct comparisons. I recently found a photo of my front garden just after I moved in some 6 years ago (grass up to the house) and compared it to now and was bowled over by how much things had grown. You may have inspired me to write my own similar post!!
    ~ Monica

    It was fun looking at the garden from a couple of years ago. Things can grow so much in 2 years! I’m glad I inspired a post for your garden. Can’t wait to see it!


  15. It’s certainly fun looking back and seeing how things have progressed and changed in the garden. Although sometimes when I look back I think it used to look better than it does now!

    It is fun Cindy and I know what you mean. I feel the same way when I look back & realize it looked pretty good.


  16. It is always a treat to look back and see how far you have come with things, isn’t it? I love browsing thru older photos.-Randy

    It was fun finding these photos. I even have a few from 9 years ago and talk about change! Thanks for stopping by today Randy. 🙂


  17. Another person who likes to look back at where the garden has been. It’s so fun to see the changes. Things you don’t notice so much when you look at it every day.

    I do enjoy looking back and I realize I like to rearrange things. Alot! lol


  18. I am still stuck on those beautiful hostas in the first picture. All your gardens look great!

    Those are one of my favorites too Tina. Royal Standards. Thanks. 🙂


  19. It’s amazing how much things can change over such a short period of time, isn’t it?

    I’m sure my old gardens used to look better than they do now, but it’s interesting to look back and remember how much things have changed. If I ever get my old computer back up and running I’d love to share some pictures of my old gardens.

    It is astounding how much my garden has evolved over the years Cinj! It’s a fun way to see what worked and what didn’t. Can’t wait to see your pictures of your old garden beds. 🙂


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