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Hosta Garden Update

Before (10/11/10) and After (4/10/11)

Last fall I did a post about redoing the Hosta Garden Bed which you can read here if you’re interested.  Basically I divided the 7 Royal Standard Hostas that existed in this bed into 28 smaller divisions.  Some were potted up for a co-worker of my husband’s and the rest were replanted in this staggered pattern.  They may take a couple of seasons to make a dense mass but that’s okay with me.  I pre-ordered Daffodils in bulk to add to the bed this fall. The rest of the plantings include masses of unknown yellow and white ‘Thalia’ Daffodils, a Rhododendrum, two Viburnums and two Nandinas.  The fountain was a early b-day present last year and it rounds out this simple bed.  With a fresh layer of mulch and the edging completed it really looks great.  I can’t wait to see how it looks in a few more months.  I’ll keep you posted on the progress of this garden.  🙂

Trash to Treasure

I’ve had this concrete birdbath for a number of years now.  My friend inherited it with the house she bought and was going to put it on the curb.  Of course I intervened and saved it from the dump.  The bland grey color has bothered me for sometime now.  So when I was in Lowe’s the other day looking for spray paint for another project I was happy to come across a solution.  The product I used is called Rustoleum Concrete Spray in Limestone.  I would of loved the Earth Brown shade, but it was out of stock.  It still looks better than it did though.  Anyhow I can always try staining it again with the brown tone later.   🙂

note: after placing it in the garden it looks so much better next to the plants.  plus it compliments the shed too. 🙂

Some other garden accessories that were rescued from the curb or recycled are:

  • garden bench that is given a coat of my signature red spray paint every year.  My grandma found this on a curb and brought it to me.  She knows I love using found objects in the garden. 
  • washtub planter that is also given a coat of the same red spray paint.  It was given to us 22 years ago by a friend who was going to put it on the curb as well.  It has been a planter in all my residences. 
  • swing frame that was rescued from the curb with the birdbath and is painted brown.  The wooden swing was found at Lowe’s and has my signature red color added to it too. 
  • brick edging for fire pit  these were formerly in a small planting bed in my front yard.  I kept them for sometime since I knew they could be repurposed elsewhere in the garden.
  • tv antenna turned trellis this was a section of an old tv antenna that was attached to my house when we purchased it 14 years ago.  I wish now we had kept the entire thing. 

Birthday Gifts


My birthday was this past Thursday and it was a week long celebration.  First off my Mom came to visit which was the best present ever.  My family gave me this beautiful fountain which I’ve placed in the Hosta Garden for now.

Plants shown are: Spiranthes cernua (Ladies Tresses), Thermopsis villosa (Caroline Bushpea), Vernonia noveboracensis (New York Ironweed) and Dryopteris marginalis (Leatherwood Fern)

Here’s the present my Mom got me when we visited the Native Plant Sale yesterday.  She kept saying she wanted to buy me something for my garden so this is what I picked out.  Afterwards we went inside the Museum where we saw exhibits that included native plants, wildlife and history.  We had a nice time this past week going to several tourist spots like Historic Hilton Village where we browsed the shops and had lunch.  We also enjoyed shopping for fruits and veggies at the local Farmer’s Markets.  She made some tasty dishes for us which the entire family appreciated.  🙂

I’ve been out in the garden…

I spent the entire day in the garden and it was wonderful!  The weather was in the lower 60’s and cloudy so it was great weather for planting, transplanting etc…Remember those overgrown daffodils from earlier this spring that Frances told me I could divide as they were emerging?  Well I finally got around to dividing them, lol.    Here’s a list of what I accomplished today in the garden and just in time since it started raining: 
  • Divided & transplanted Daffodils into new location
  • Cleaned out and moved around 2 of the birdbaths
  • Repaired some cracks on the concrete birdbath
  • Planted another Euonymous in front foundation bed
  • Weeded &  loosed mulch in  front foundation bed
  • Helped the neighbor decide where to plant his new shrubs
  • Dug up a large patch of Grape Hyacinths that I dispersed into several areas
  • Divided some other perennials like ferns & sedums to relocate to other areas

As you can see from the collage above I also took notice of all the new life emerging on some of my shrubs and perennials.  Starting at the left the deep red shoots of Peony are a welcome sight.  Astilbes are quickly emerging from the soil.  This one is ahead of the others by at least a week.  But the bottom right photo is my favorite plant in the garden for last season.  It is the Hydrangea ‘Limelight”!  I also noticed that his little sister ‘Pinky Winky’ which was planted last fall is getting some leaf buds on it as well.   Yay April! 

Goodbye Fall Hello Winter


The sudden drop in temps this week has left its’ mark on my garden in no uncertain terms.  Fall is definitely over and winter is on our doorstep.  It was 30 degrees when I took my son to work this morning and I could feel it to my bones.  The weatherman is calling for snow flurries this evening and we just might see them.   We’ve had some nice days mixed with cold days which is playing havoc on my sinuses.  Brown is definitely the color for the season for Hydrangea Limelight.  Leaves, spent blooms and foliage are following the trend. winter-pics-002-2You know it’s cold when the water in your fountain freezes.  A sure sign I should of removed the pumps earlier in the week when I was completing my fall checklist of chores.  That’s okay they are stored for the winter now.  Better late than never.   winter-pics-004-2

The more tender perennials in my garden have wilted with the frosty weather.  The Dahlia (above), Cannas, Colocasia and Calla Lillies have all turned to mush.  They will return again next May when the thermostat rises for another summer.  Until then we wish them a well deserved winter’s nap.winter-pics-007-2

The Buddleia finally stopped flowering and it’s daily visitors are long gone.  This is one of my longest blooming perennials of the season, when it stops you know it’s over.


Purple Fountain Grass plumes are fading to tan even though the foliage is still holding on.  It soon will succumb to the wintry winds too.


Update:  Just so not to end on a sournote.  Look how pretty my purple Mums still look inspite of the cold!

Shame on me!

I’ve neglected my garden for the last couple of days and it shows! my husband was out of town for the past three weeks and just got back Saturday night. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. These Hydrangea Forever & Ever “Red” have to be watered daily or they end up wilting and turning yellow around the edges of their leaves. As stated in a previous post, I’m not impressed with this particular variety. I prefer plants that will stand up to the heat of our summer & can withstand some drought. There are so many great plants that will endure the elements and keep on blooming. I’m not the type of gardener that will spend all my time babying one plant just to keep it alive. Not my style. Now, I’ve cut these some slack because it is there first season in the garden and I keep telling myself that they haven’t had time to fully establish themselves. I even admit that I might of planted them in an area where they might be getting too much sunlight. Some of my other failures include forgetting to clean out the birdbaths and keeping the bird feeders filled. Normally I am right on top of these little details. I took care of these three tasks last evening. Tomorrow I am making a list of the other areas of my garden that need some TLC from me. Shame on me! I need to weed the front beds, do some deadheading of the butterfly bush & knockout roses, trim back some plants that are past their prime and make a list of things that need to be divided this fall to be dispersed elsewhere or given away. In addition, I really need to think about either putting down fresh mulch or a layer of compost in all the beds. Sunday morning I went to my local home improvement stores in search of seed for some fall veggie crops & possibly some plants that could liven up the garden for the next few months. I’m not impressed with what they have to offer at the moment. First off their were no seeds to be found anywhere in two different stores. So, it looks like I will be on the hunt again tomorrow at some other locations. I did purchase a round planter & some potting mix that I intend to plant loose leaf lettuce in if I can find seed. This week will be all about preparing for autumn that is sneaking up on us pretty quickly. Soon my son will be back to school, the leaves will be falling, and another growing season will be coming to an end. This summer is just flying on by.

Garden Collections

Just recently I realized that I have something of a water fountain/birdbath collection. The funny part is that I didn’t set out to collect these items, because most of them were given to me as gifts. By providing sources of water I attract a variety of birds and insects to the garden. I enjoy watching the birds splash around on hot days. They are almost comical in their bathing rituals.
This birdbath was actually my first and I’ve had it for 8 or 9 years now. I acquired it while visiting my local Pottery factory . Our Pottery is fantastic for finding handmade pottery and annuals, perennials and tropical plants that are grown on site. I love the embossed birds and flowers that decorate the pedestal and the gray-blue color.

Can you believe my friend was going to put this on the curb? She told me I could have it I came and picked it up. It is made of concrete and very, very, very heavy. This is the one my cat likes to drink out of when the birds aren’t using it of course. 🙂

Everyone probably remembers this one from my Whimsical Garden Art post a few days ago. Here is a better picture of it. Don’t you just love the base of it? It is made of a cast metal. I think the little decorative bird drinking out of the flower-shaped dish is so cute.

My absolute favorite one at the moment is this bronze ceramic one my husband gave me for Mother’s Day this year. He picked this one out at our local Wild Wings Nature Store. This store has fantastic birding accessories. Their items range from contemporary to whimsical.

I purchased this fountain at our local home improvement center. It was a floor model and they gave me a huge discount which means I had to get it. This is located in the bed with the huge Hosta I posted yesterday and the burgundy Cannas. The dogs enjoy drinking out of the lower basin and I’ve seen birds splashing in the smaller top dish.

This fountain is located out front next to my front door. I love the splashing sound of the waterfall and my cat enjoys drinking out of this one too. There is a light that makes it really pretty at night. It is located in the same flowerbed with Mr. & Ms. Turtle.

I hope you enjoyed my collection of birdbaths and fountains. What do you collect?