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(From upper L-R across & down: unknown Hosta blooms, unknown lime Hosta, 'Red October' Hosta, unknown dwarf Hosta, row of 'Royal Standard' Hostas, stems of 'Red October' Hosta, unknown lemony lime hosta, and unknown variegated hosta)

Don’t you get excited each spring when the first furled Hosta leaves start poking through the soil?  I know I do because what’s not to love about these beautiful shade loving foliage plants.  Yes I realize they have blooms and some of them are actually worth the attention.  But my favorite part has to be the leaves whether they be large, small, green, yellow, blue or patterned.  Now the blooms on my Royal Standard are a big plus since they are quite large and very fragrant.  But for the most part I’m not that impressed with the blooms on some of my Hostas.  This unknown Limey green one has pretty white flowers with just a hint of lavender around the edges, no scent that I noticed though.  The stems are quite sturdy which keeps them upright vs laying on the ground to be run over by a runaway lawnmower.  😉   I don’t remember if ‘Red October’ bloomed last year which was the first season in the garden, but the stems are pretty cool huh?  Some of the Hostas in my garden were purchased as a grab bag type deal at the end of a season so I don’t know the names and some were long forgotten.  That’s one of the perks of blogging, it has helped me keep track of new additions and their ids.  Plus for the past 2 years I have been documenting new purchases in a journal which includes where they were planted.  Anyhow just thought I would pay a small tribute to one of my favorite perennials in the garden. 

Bloomin Tuesday

(From upper L-R across & down: Vervain, Double Daylilly, Calla Lily, Hosta, Aster, Cucumber and Shasta Daisies)

 This Vervain was picked up a couple of seasons ago at a Native Plant Sale.  One of my favorites when it starts blooming.  The double daylilly & Calla Lily were pass-a-long plants from a neighbor.    I wish I had kept better track of the names of plants before I started blogging.  This lime-colored hosta is one of my favorites and it is in full bloom at the moment.  The flowers are actually quite a decent size but unscented.  This Aster is ‘Bluebird’ and is full of buds just waiting to pop open.  I was tickled yesterday when I saw blooms on my Cucumber ‘Sassy hybrid’ plants.  Hooray for future pickles! 🙂   And I couldn’t imagine the garden without the Shasta Daisies that are just getting ready to be in full glory in my Grandmother’s flower bed. 

(From L-R across & down: 'Better Bush' Tomatoes, 'Kentucky Wonder' Beans and 'Yellow Straightneck' Squash)

 I know  these don’t count as blooms, but I just had to show you all the wonderful produce that I am and will be harvesting from the veggie garden soon.   Nothing like summer veggies fresh picked, huh?   To see more Bloomin’ Tuesday posts or to join in this week please visit our gracious host Ms Greenthumb.

Slideview of the Garden

The garden beds are really looking their best right now.  I love the weather we’ve been having for the past few days now, cool yet comfortable.  We had some unseasonably high temps of 80-90 earlier which was just too much too soon in the season.  Some beds have been changed such as the former fountain bed is now the Hosta Garden.  The fountain needs some repairs since it kept leaking last year.  I might move it to another location once it gets fixed.  The shed has electricity running to it now so that might be the ideal spot for it.  We’ve had several renovations done to the outside this spring such as power to the shed, staining the patio etc…  It’s now a nice spot to sit and enjoy the blooms in the garden.  🙂

August Blooms

(From upper L-R across & down: Solidago 'Fireworks', Lantana 'Miss Huff', Rubeckia 'Goldsturm' and a bi-color Zinnia)

(From upper L-R across & down: Solidago 'Fireworks', Lantana 'Miss Huff', Rubeckia 'Goldsturm' and a bi-color Zinnia)

 I couldn’t imagine the garden in August without these fabulous shades of yellow, orange & red.  Miss Huff is has been a great performer in her second season.  She has attracted butterflies, bees and hummingbirds with those vibrant blooms.  We have a few Zinnias blooming right now but the star of the show is this bi-color beauty. 

(from upper L-R across & down: Agastache 'Tutti Fruitti', Sedum 'Autumn Joy', Phlox 'Robert Poore', Lirope 'Variegata' and Chelone 'Hot Lips')

(from upper L-R across & down: Agastache 'Tutti Fruitti', Sedum 'Autumn Joy', Phlox 'Robert Poore', Lirope 'Variegata' and Chelone 'Hot Lips')

Hot pinks and shades of purple are popping right now throughout the garden.  ‘Tutti Fruitti’ was a new selection of Hyssop I planted this summer.  It is a giant selection topping out at 4-6′ in height.  I’ve noticed some hummers buzzing around it since it started blooming last week.   I love the blooms on my variegated Lirope and the behaved clumping habit is a great asset too.

(From upper L-R across & down: Sweet Autumn Clematis, Obedient Plant and Hosta 'Royal Standard')

(From upper L-R across & down: Sweet Autumn Clematis, Obedient Plant and Hosta 'Royal Standard')

For sweet scents in the garden you can’t beat Sweet Autumn Clematis.  The large white blooms on the Hosta ‘Royal Standard’ have a fabulous fragrance as well.  I’ve considered cutting all the long stems to bring indoors.  The Obedient Plant is starting to fade but the bees are getting every bit of pollen & nectar they can before they do. Considering how some things are starting to wind down in the garden there is still quite alot that is just starting to shine in the garden too.