Tricyrtis ‘Purple Beauty’

Tricyrtis 'Purple Beauty'

Here’s a cultivar of Tricyrtis or Toadlily as it’s commonly called that I’ve had for a couple of years now.  It gets to be almost 3 feet tall in my shade garden and has multiple buds on one stem.  Toadlilies seem to do better in years where we have alot of rain but will bloom every fall nonetheless.  I have a NOID one in another shady garden bed that is blooming nonstop right now.  The flowers are exotically beautiful and delicate. 

Tricyrtis 'Purple Beauty'

Here’s another shot I captured of these exotic beauties this morning.  They are planted in front of a Beautyberry shrub and the colors of the berries compliment the purple spots in these blooms nicely.  🙂


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  1. I love toadlilies! Mine are still blooming too 🙂


  2. I tried some last fall, came up in the spring and then something got it….totally gone! (and no holes in the earth to indicate a vole) I really really like they blooms!!! Your photos are super!


  3. Pretty Racquel! I don’t remember which cultivar mine are, but the blooms look just like yours. I’m looking forward to seeing them mature and bloom more heavily like yours are. Great photos!


  4. You’ve captured these so well, Racquel! I keep seeing these toadlilies on different blogs, and have been thinking they’re just what I need for some fall interest in the shade garden. Planting them in front of the beautyberry sounds like a great combination.


  5. I sure have enjoyed seeing these beauties on a number of blogs. I have never grown them. I need to do something about that.


  6. That might work Sue, is it direct sun?


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