Monarch Caterpillars

My favorite critters to spot in the garden have to be the caterpillars munching on my Butterfly Weed.    This one was munching away on a leaf, in fact this plant is almost stripped of all the foliage so they’ve been eating voraciously.   I had to pull some foliage back to get a closer shot as seen below:

Here’s a closeup of the little guy that has been busily munching away on one of my plants in the garden.  There is lots of droppings (the black stuff) from all that munching they’ve been doing on my plants.  A bit gross I know.  Now I need to keep an eye out for any chrysalis.  🙂


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  1. They usually hit my fennel, but seem to be absent this year.


  2. Lucky you! I just found a caterpillar on my milkweed and it was NOT a monarch one-post coming soon. Can we trade?


  3. Great find! Soon to be butterflies!


  4. Great photos, Racquel. Lucky you! I haven’t seen any Monarch caterpillars this year. Usually I have lots of swallowtail catts on my fennel and dill, but even they are nowhere to be seen. By the way, I think the droppings are called frass….which I learned from another blog:)


  5. It is a beautiful colour. I wish we had them over here 🙂


  6. Not gross at all!


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