Fall Bloomers

(From top to bottom L-R: Helenium autumnale aka Helen's Flower, Zephyranthes candida aka Rain/Fairy Lily and Bellacamda aka Blackberry Lily)

Just when you think the season is winding down a few new blooms show up in the garden.  Above are some of my Fall blooming plants.  Two that are new to me this year are the Bellacamda or Blackberry Lily and Helenium autumnale or Helen’s Flower.  I’ve had the yellow blooming variety ‘Hello Yellow’ for years but I added the common orange with black spots earlier this summer.  Helen’s Flower is one of two Heleniums that I added this past May, the other one already bloomed a month or so ago.  These were purchased at the Native Plant Sale at the Virginia Living Museum.  My Rain Lilies are always a dependable bloomer, this year I added pink and yellow blooming varieties.  But this white one has been in my garden for a few years now.  It just gets better every year.  What are some of your favorite fall bloomers?

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  1. Still loving those rain lilies. We got a couple of inches of rain last night so I’m heading out to see if I have any blooomers. Right now other than sedums, grasses, zinnias, and lobelia Tiger Gardens have barely any blooms.


  2. Raquel Always so nice to see new blooms in Sept. I have 2 baby Blackberry Lily plants perhaps a flower next Sept.


  3. I love your blackberry lilies! I have tried to grow them for several years, now, but so far no blooms. I have my fingers crossed that a few of the seedlings will finally make it next year. Helenium is a plant I’ve always meant to add, too; I could use some more fall bloomers!


  4. I planted some Helenium last fall, thinking they were going to be late summer/fall bloomers. To my surprise they have bloomed all summer long. Very happy addition to the garden.


  5. I hope your Rain Lilies are showing signs of buds or blooms Tina. You know what they say Rosemary ‘The first year they sleep, the second year they creep and the third year they leap!’ Good luck Rose, hope all your patience pays off. I’m always looking for more fall bloomers too. Wow that’s great Janet, I have two and one bloomed earlier in the summer and this one blooms later so that’s okay by me. 🙂


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