Hurricane Irene

So glad we made it through that storm with minimal damage to our yard.  The house seems to be in good shape, no structural damage.  Lots of debris in the backyard mainly which includes small tree limbs, leaves, pecan hulls, Sweet Gum balls and dead branches.  All and all we were very fortunate.  Took a stroll through our neighborhood this morning with hubby & our little terrier Spaz to see how the neighbors fared.  From the slides above you can see that they seemed to have the same minimal damage.  Some people had some larger limbs hit their chain link fencing, but that’s better than landing on the house.  I’ve heard that in the neighborhood across from us someone had a tree land on their garage.  I have ventured outside of our neighborhood as of yet, so I’m not sure what the streets are like out there.  We didn’t lose our power, it flickered a few times.  However I did hear some generators running further back in the neighborhood so obviously some did lose power yesterday.  The thing that really surprised me how this old barn (owned by the Yoder Family) which is pretty much dilapidated survived all that wind.  I figured it would have fell down by now.   Well it’s been an eventful weekend thus far, hope the rest of it is quiet.  Now I need to get out there and start the cleanup.  Boy the sanitation guys are going to be busy this week.  Have a nice weekend everyone, hope it’s uneventful for the rest of you too.   🙂


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  1. Hi Racquel, So glad your news is good. We’ve been watching closely because of family in it’s path. No one was hurt. Irene is one huge storm.Take care in your cleanup.

    Hi Balisha, thanks for stopping by. We got our cleanup finished yesterday, glad to have that over and done with. 🙂


  2. Racquel, so glad to see this post. I worried about you and your family all day yesterday! Thanks for letting us know all is ok.

    Thanks Linda, thank you for thinking of us during Irene. 🙂


    • Runā, ka RS ir uzņēmums ar smagu korupciju iekÅ¡ienÄ“. Naudas aprite ir ļoti neskaidra, necaurspÄ«dÄ«ga. To man stāstÄ«ja kāds RD deputāts. Nav. Es RS cenÅ¡os atstāt pÄ“c iespÄ“jas mazāk naudu. Par cik zinu, ka Å¡is uzņēmums piepilda SC melno kasi, tad labprātāk izmantoju kontrolieru pÄlacieināšrnas spÄ“jas, nekā kaut ko maksāju.


  3. I’m so glad you’re all right, Racquel, and that you didn’t have any more damage than these fallen limbs. I’ve been watching the news of the storm, and it looks pretty frightening, especially the scenes of the ocean. The old barn is pretty amazing, but they knew how to build them back then! Thanks for posting and letting us all know you are okay.

    Thanks Rose, I feel very blessed to have come out of this with minimal damage & mess. It was pretty scary, but we got through it together. If I had seen those ocean scenes it would of scared the bejesus out of me! Yep I am amazed how that old barn has stood up to all the elements, it withstood Isabel too! 🙂


  4. Well, it still looks like there are a lot of limbs and branches to clean up, but I’m glad you didn’t suffer any serious damage!

    Yep and we managed to get it all done yesterday which is a huge relief Monica. Thank you! 🙂


  5. I’m glad it wasn’t as bad as it could have been.

    Thank you Sue, me too! 🙂


  6. So glad you all came through this with minimal damage.

    Thanks Darla, we are too! 🙂


  7. Love the way you make it a book and very interesting to look in on your weather after effects.

    Glad you enjoyed my slideshow Catharine. 🙂


  8. so glad you and your home made it thru with little damage.

    Thank you Rosemary, me too. 🙂


  9. What a mess. So glad you all made it through with no major damage. I hope your municipality has a large compost pile!

    Thanks Tina, me too. Now wondering when my city will be picking up the debris from the street. 😦


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