Heat Loving Plants

(from upper L-R across & down: Hydrangea paniculata 'Limelight', Butterfly Weed, Black & Blue Salvia, Angelonia, Rudbeckia and Lantana 'Miss Huff')

It’s been a hot summer with some periods of drought.  However we’ve been more fortunate than our southern neighbors when it comes to rain.   With days in the 90’s and 100’s it takes a toll on the garden.  I almost gave up on trying to keep things properly hydrated sometimes.   These are some the toughest plants in my yard, they’ve taken whatever Mother Nature has tossed at them and kept on blooming.  My Limelight Hydrangea has never looked better, it has so many blooms this year that it’s top heavy.   And certain perennials like Black & Blue Salvia, Lantana, Rudbeckia and Butterfly Weed are reliable bloomers as well as drought tolerant.  But my favorite summer bloomer has to be the annual Angelonia which comes in shades of pink, purple and white.  It has been a must have plant in my garden for the past three years.   This season I planted some directly in the garden and the red washtub planter.  And another bonus is that it doesn’t require deadheading to keep the blooms coming all summer long.   What are some of your favorite heat loving plants this year?


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  1. I didn’t plant angelonia this year and wish that I had! Zinnias are doing well, but I’ve had to give those supplemental watering. The rains have finally returned and the garden, almost magically, is starting to wake up again. Many of my perennials get through the drought, but they don’t bloom well until the rains return. Gaura, perennial heliotrope, gaillardia, verbena, nepeta ‘Six Hills Giant’, spirea, buddliea, ageratum… coming through in great shape.

    Oh I have to plant Angelonia, it’s such a reliable annual in our zone. The little Zinnias do well for me here too, but mine got zapped by that heatwave we had unfortunately. Isn’t it amazing how quickly the garden bounces back after a nice rainfall. Glad to hear your garden is coming through this summer in good shape. 🙂


  2. I am glad someone else also sings the praises of Angelonia. This is proably my 6th or 7th year growing it. I tend to like the dark purple ones and always pair them with Margarite Sweet Potato.

    I’ve been singing it’s praises since 2008 when I first discovered this great annual Les. Until then I was convinced that annuals were too much trouble. I like the dark purple too, but I’ve been taking a liking to the white one lately. That sounds like a great combo (Margarite Sweet Potato & Purple Angelonia). 🙂


  3. Love your Limelight and agree it is one tough plant and mine is also looking the best …… love angelonia as well……. looks like your garden made it thru the hot summer looking very good,.

    Yep couldn’t imagine my garden without ‘Limelight’, such a great Hydrangea. Thanks I feel fortunate that it has done so well inspite of our weather. 🙂


  4. Wowser on ‘Limelight’-it is stunning!

    Thanks Tina, I have to say this year it has really shined. 🙂


  5. Posted by skeeter on August 16, 2011 at 10:02 am

    It has been a tough year for me in the garden. The drought lasted much longer then usual this summer and I have been running myself ragged dragging hoses all over the yard. I wish I had kept the gardens all closer to the water spigot then I did. Oh well, live and learn. I discovered Angelonia 3 years ago as well! I found them at a bargain price for $1.00 each and picked up about 12. I was so happy to see how wonderful they are in my gardens. I have an issue paying $3.88 each for them this year so waited it out and found them again on the bargain bins later in the season. I love the things and will always have them in the garden. Does your butterfly weed bloom all summer long? Mine blooms in late spring to early summer then they grow seed pods. No more blooms for summer though. I don’t know much about it as it is a volunteer plant from 3 years ago that I reckon a bird planted for me…

    I know what you mean Skeeter about dragging hoses. I found my Angelonia this year on the clearance racks too. Can’t beat a great plant for a great price. 🙂 I find if you pinch the seedpods off after the first couple of blooms it will bloom a few times every season. Mine is on the third bloom cycle.


  6. I love Angelonia too!! Some plants seem to thrive on stress don’t they?

    Yes they do Darla, yes they do! 🙂


  7. Yes, YES to Angelonia! Rudbeckia doesn’t mind the heat, but one of the best is cosmos. I don’t think it cares if I give it water. And what a re-seeder!

    I knew you would agree about the Angelonia Linda. 🙂


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