Squash and Peppers: They thrive on neglect?

Summer Squash 'Dixie hybrid'

Ok somethings are just meant to be like this squash plant that is growing in my compost bin.  Now I know what you’re thinking, but this is not black gold in my bin so that is not the reason it settled here.  It’s the leftover potting soil from last year’s containers and maybe alittle compost.  However it is doing much better than the plant I deliberately planted in my raised bed this spring.  And the funny part is this one hasn’t gotten any extra attention such as watering, etc… Somethings just thrive on neglect don’t you think?  Another example is my Green Bellpeppers below:

Green Bellpeppers

The green Bellpeppers I planted in my blue pots this spring are thriving and producing little peppers like it’s no tomorrow.  Now I know for a fact that all peppers love to be ignored a bit.  That means no extra watering or pampering.  What gardener doesn’t love that?  However this doesn’t mean let them dry out to the point that the plant suffers, just don’t overdo it and you will be rewarded.  They love the heat too!  Which is a good thing, because our summers are hot, hot, hot.  And dry, dry, dry….lol  Do you have any plants that seem to thrive on neglect in your garden?


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  1. You can tell I’m not a vegetable gardener because I didn’t know peppers thrived on neglect! Good to know. Send us some of that heat!!

    I’ve found that all peppers do alittle better with some neglect, pampering seems to make them weak and spindly. I would if I could Kathleen. Sorry… 😦


  2. I think your climate is a big factor. Here in Ireland Peppers and Squashes need TLC to survive and produce. I grow them in the polytunnel.

    You have a point there Bridget, climate plays a factor. Thanks for stopping by today. 🙂


  3. Hey sometimes vegetables do the best with neglect. My kind of veggie. If you leave the vine alone I bet you’ll get some fruits!

    That is so true Tina. I hope you are right, crossing my fingers just in case. 🙂


  4. That has to be the neatest compost bin I’ve ever seen, Racquel! You’re right–last year the biggest and prettiest hollyhock grew in my compost bin; I think I have a few tomatoes and even a muskmelon growing there this year. Wish everything thrived like this on neglect–I’d definitely have a beautiful garden then:)

    That’s because it was cleaned out of all the good stuff this spring to replenish my veggie beds Rose. 🙂 I’ve found some great things growing in my compost bins from time to time too. lol Wouldn’t we all if this was always true…;)


  5. I am glad to have seen and read your post. I am new to growing vegetables and was wondering if my peppers will need support. I can see from your picture that I should have bought more cages. Its also good to know that I don’t need to fuss over them. I have enough flowers beds that are overly demanding! LOL Have a great weekend.

    Well then I’m glad you found me and stopped by today Jennifer. 🙂 I use the smaller cages that wouldn’t be sufficient for tomatoes just to give them a little extra support, because they do get a bit top heavy when they start producing their fruit. Don’t we all, don’t we all, lol! Have a great weekend yourself!


  6. Hope you get a squash off that plant. Your comments are across your last photo.

    Me too Darla, me too! Thanks, I’m not sure what you are talking about, maybe it was a glitch when my blog loaded. I’ll check it out though. 🙂


  7. Like your new web page. In the blink of an eye you are going to have a ton of squash! Enjoy.

    Thanks Janet, I was bored and it was time for a change. I hope so, cause I really love summer squash! 🙂


  8. Sometimes the volunteers are the best. Sweet peas seem to thrive on neglect in my garden

    So true Rosemary, so true. 🙂


  9. That squash found a good spot. I have 3 sections to my compost. This spring, I ran out of room to plant sweet potatoes, so stuck a few plants in one of the sections. None of the compost is finished, so it will be interesting to see how these produce. They are growing better than the ones I have in pots so far.

    I don’t think my peppers are getting enough sun. I have one hot pepper that I need to decide when to pick. Your peppers sure are cute!

    That’s clever Sue, I don’t know if my compost squash would of done as well if I had deliberately planted it there. 😉 The accidental plantings always turn out better in my case. lol Yep Peppers need at least 6-8 hours of sunlight to reach their full potential. Thanks! 🙂


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