Bloomin Tuesday

(From upper L-R across & down: Echinacea, Impatiens, Hemerocallis 'Colorful Summer', Hemerocallis 'Gordon Biggs', New York Asters, Shasta Daisy 'Broadway Lights', Dark-eyed Helen, Baptisia 'Alba' and Hemerocallis 'Kwanso')

It’s been so hot here that getting out to the garden to take pics let alone do any chores is exhausting.  I get up early and do all the necessary things like watering, weeding etc.  Then I escape back inside to the a/c.  However inspite of the august like temps the garden is still pumping out the blooms like crazy.  Some of my favorites this week are starting to bloom like the Hemerocallis and the Echinacea which is really putting on a show.  These Impatiens are in the red washtub, the pansies finally pooped out earlier this month.  They couldn’t take the heat either.  😉  Anyhow, I got these on the clearance rack at Lowes about a week ago in 3″ pots for .15 cents each.  There was nothing wrong with them either, in fact they were starting to bud up and weren’t root bound yet.  I also got two large pots of Angelina in mixed shades of pink, purple and white for less than $5.00 a pot.  They had racks of great deals too, and most of the plants were still in great shape.  In the past the clearance rack was were the half-dead plants were placed so I was surprised.  Another new plant blooming in my garden this week is ‘Dark-eyed Helen’ or  Helenium fleximosum.  It’s new to the garden this season, I picked it up at the Native Plant Sale in May.  I was a bit surprised to see the Asters blooming since they didn’t bloom till fall last year, but not complaining either.  Hopefully they’ll put on a repeat performance in late September when the summer perennials start to fade.  To see more Bloomin’ Tuesday posts or to join in today please stop by and visit our host Jean @ Ms Greenthumb.


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  1. I love the discount racks at Lowe’s. Have been able to purchase a number of great plants on said rack. Yours are quite nice….and a bargain.

    Thanks Janet, I always did love a good bargain. 🙂


    • How fun! I have a couple of things but I can't seem to find a link for your Flickr gr20&p#8o3u; I'm probably looking right next to it or something silly like that!


  2. A lovely mix of colourful blooms from your garden…its worth going out to photograph them!

    Thanks! Yep I go out early when the weather is more agreeable. 🙂


  3. Wonderful blossoms …… seems they like the heat. Do stay cool.

    Thanks Rosemary, somethings really do thrive in the heat. I’m making notes for next year. 😉 It’s going to be hot this week too…yuck!


  4. Your blooms look much better than mine in this heat. I always head straight for the ICU at Lowe’s before I look at anything else.

    Really? Your garden always looks pretty lush to me Darla. 🙂 I will look at those racks from now on that’s for sure.


  5. Our temps have cooled down a bit, but I’ve adopted a similar routine to yours, Racquel–if I don’t get out early, it’s too miserable to work later in the day. Don’t you love this time of year when something new is blooming every week? You have a fabulous group of blooms; I’ve always wanted to add some helenium, too. Hmmm, maybe I’d better check out the clearance racks this week.

    At least the last couple of days we’ve gotten some showers which seems to be a relief for the garden. Watering is not one of my favorite tasks Rose. I could live without dragging hoses, must get a irrigation system soon… Yep this month does bring something new to discover every week that’s for sure. Thanks, hope you find some great bargains too! 😉


  6. What a gorgeous collage! Loved looking at your beautiful flowers!

    Thanks Suzanne. I’m glad you stopped by today. 🙂


  7. Your picked up great plants. Love that Helenium! We’re heading for high 90s to 100 degrees for a few days. I’m gardening in the evenings now. The sun hits my garden too early in the morning.

    Thanks Freda. Isn’t that a fun plant? 🙂 I know we’re expecting the same temps this week, yuck! Mornings in my back yard are still comfortable, but not the front beds.


  8. Posted by Racquel on June 21, 2011 at 3:48 pm

    Just wanted to let you all know that I’ve tried leaving comments on some of your blogs, but Blogger seems to be acting up again.


  9. Your blooms are beautiful on Tuesday…or any day of the week! Love that colour!

    Well thank you Nancy, that was a lovely compliment. 🙂


  10. Everything looks very happy and healthy Racquel. The heat here has been awful too. The west sun on the back is just a killer. It is not lack of water–just the heat. Almost makes me wish for fall…almost! 🙂

    Thanks Linda. I imagined so, your summers are very similar to ours if I remmember correctly. That’s why I prefer spring & fall. 🙂


  11. You got some great deals! .15 — Wow! Nothing was marked down here last weekend. I am hoping to find some good markdowns soon.

    Your flowers look great despite the high temperatures. I feel for you with those awful temps. I really can’t take anything over 80 degrees.

    Yep I’ve never seen dramatic price cuts like that here. So going back weekly to see what else they mark down. Well then you would melt here, because the temps are in the 90’s all week Zoey. Thank goodness for A/C. 🙂


  12. Posted by Happier Than A Pig in Mud on June 21, 2011 at 5:24 pm

    Very pretty, I love the lilies-enjoy:@)

    Thanks, I’m glad you stopped by today! 🙂


  13. Doesn’t look like the heat is bothering your bloomers! Beautiful! Don’t you love bargains? I’ve gotten several wave petunias at 99 cents each! Jean

    No some of these prefer it hot so they can show off their vibrant colors. Yep I love a good bargain on anything Jean. That’s a good deal too on the wave petunias! 🙂


  14. Love the Dark-eyed Helen! It’s been really hot here in South Carolina also.

    Thanks Bet, it’s a interesting plant that’s for sure. I imagine so, have you gotten any rain? 🙂


  15. I also love the discount rack at Lowes Racquel. I’ve gotten some great deals there too. It’s so strange how hot it is there and it’s just now warming up here. If only we could regulate the weather!
    The white Baptisia is especially gorgeous. Stay cool..

    This is the first time I found a great deal on great looking plants at Lowes. Now I’ve gotten some great deals on marked down bulbs several times. So true Kathleen, if only we could evenly distribute the weather across the country so everyone benefits. Thanks! 🙂


  16. Love all your plants….especially the collage with them is so beautiful!


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