Rain Barrels

Last weekend I went to a truckload sale that was being hosted by the Newport News-Greencorps as a way to improve the environment.  I picked up these really cool 55 gal systern barrels as well as a kitchen scrap collector bucket for veggie scraps etc…  They also had Earth Machine Composters and compost turners.  The prices were very reasonable, I got these for $57 a piece (tax included).  The Scrap bucket was about $7.00 I think.  All of these products are made by Norseman Plastics.  We have to do some assembly as far as connecting them together and attaching the spigot.  My hubby plans on making a platform to raise them up so I can get a watering can under the spigot.  The color is nice since it blends in with my vinyl siding and there is even a screen on top to keep out debris.   The sale was suppose to run from 9-3 but I’m sure they were sold out before noon, since the turnout was amazing to say the least.  I got there about 9:30 and the line was quite long already.  Watching people walk away with 3-4 of these including a composter or two, I was starting to think they might run out before I got to the front of the line.  Thankfully I managed to get what I came for and headed home in no time.  🙂


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  1. Good bargains and great idea to raise them .

    Thanks Rosemary. 🙂


  2. Yes, do raise them. Gravity pushes the water out, so the higher they sit the better. Mine were on the ground level and didn’t drain well at all.

    Thanks for that advice Janet, my hubby wants to do this with the other 6 I currently have as well. 🙂


  3. Great deal Racquel! I still don’t have (even) one rain barrel. I just saw some in a catalog that look like planters ~ I thought that was cool. You have such a handy husband, I’m sure yours will be set up perfectly in no time.
    ps I love your new maple! and I can’t believe you have monarda blooming already! Wow.

    Thanks Kathleen, you really must remedy this soon… Sam’s had some really nice 65 gal type that had planters on the top, and the price was under $90.00, which is really good. Thanks, I’ll pass on your compliments to the handy hubby. 😉


  4. They look great and will really make a difference.

    Thanks Tina, yep you can never have too many rain barrels in my opinion. 🙂


  5. Hi Racquel,
    As far as I can remember my parents have always had a rain barrel and when we purchased our home the first thing we did was install a rain barrel. I use the water from the rain barrel to water all my garden pots and the garden. There are many decorative rain barrels on the market today and rain chains are also used in place of a boring downspout. So enjoy your rain barrels.

    Thanks for stopping by and the link. I would love to have a rainchain as well, their so decorative as well as functional. 🙂


  6. Now, if it will just rain!

    It did here last night, about an inch at least. Did you get any? 🙂


  7. I got a similar rainbarrel at a sale hosted by our neighboring town a while back, too. I agree it was a great buy. I’m embarrassed to say I haven’t had time to set mine up, though–too bad, because it would be full by now if I had!

    Don’t feel bad Rose, we haven’t set these up quite yet either and it’s rained for the past 2 nights. 😦


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