New Blooms


Penstemon 'Pikes Peak Purple'

Another Penstomon blooming, this one gets full sun in my Shed Garden.  It doesn’t mind this hot & dry location and blooms prolifically all summer long.

Rosa 'Glowing Peace'

 This is my Grandma’s favorite Rose in my garden.  In fact I think it was a transplant from her old apartment garden bed when she moved in with us 6 years ago.  I cut her a small bouquet Friday.

Thermopsis villosa (Carolina Bushpea)

Thermopsis villosa is a native plant that I picked up at a sale last fall. It’s commonly called Carolina Bushpea or False Lupine.  The blooms are very similar to the Lupine which is nice since I can’t get that pretty perennial to grow here.  It’s been a wet weekend so far, but I’m not complaining because the garden needed the extra moisture.  However it limits what I can actually do outside right now.  Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.


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  1. Love that penstemon! I need to rethink using those again as it’s been a few years. I loved having them and the hummingbirds were delighted.

    Peace Rose is probably the first one I remember noticing when I took up gardening. A true lovely.

    Haven’t tried the bushpea, but my baptisia is blooming right now

    Thanks Cameron, they are a great addition to attract hummingbirds. My Baptisia is done blooming now, so it’s nice to have the Bushpea doing its’ thing. 🙂


  2. That first photo is so nice. Showing all the hairs and all. What a pretty purple. I just purchased the thermompsis this spring and was surprised it began blooming. It really does look like lupines and seems to be a good substitute so far. Enjoy the rain and relax! I’m finding here that the more rain-the easier all those weeds come out and that is tops on my list this weekend

    Thanks Tina, I’m glad you enjoyed my Penstemon macro. Yep I was happily surprised at how quickly mine started growing and thrilled with some blooms. It’s a great substitute for me too. Have fun with your weeding! 🙂


  3. All beautiful! My roses are forming buds, I can’t wait until they start blooming.

    Thanks Meems, I love when the Roses are in full flush. 🙂


  4. Love that dark purple—what a rich color. We had the Carolina Bushpea in the Learing Garden.

    Me too Janet! I think I bought mine at the Virginia Living Museum plant sale last fall. 🙂


  5. Lovely blossoms .

    Thank you Rosemary. 🙂


  6. I would love to grow penstemon if they were more hardy here. Your purple one is lovely. I also like the Thermopsis villosa (Carolina Bushpea). I have the blue form and wonder if the yellow is as winter hardy.

    What zone are you in Jennifer? I know the Carolina Bushpea which is a cousin to Baptisia is hardy in zones 3a-10a. 🙂


  7. Gorgeous penstemon Racquel! I love them all and want to add more to my garden this year.
    It’s been so wet and cool here that it’s been hard to get into the planting mode.

    Thanks Kathleen. I love them all too, and I keep seeking out more to add to my own garden. Poor thing, hope it warms up soon. 🙂


  8. What a beautiful rose! I can see why it’s your grandmother’s favorite. The penstemons are so pretty. I have a few seedlings I started this year and am hoping to have some finally growing in my own garden. It’s been cool and rainy here, too, though the garden really needed the rain after last week’s hot spell.

    Yep she loves it so much that my Dad had one tattooed on his forearm as a tribute to her. 🙂 Thanks Rose, I hope your seedlings take off and do well in your garden for years to come. We’ve had the same weather, summer is taking it’s time arriving this year, no complaints here though. lol 😉


  9. I almost got one of those false lupines today, but ended up getting other things instead. The penstemon and rose are pretty, too.

    I hope you correct that error soon, it’s a beauty. Thanks Sue! 🙂


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