VMG Plant Sale

VMG Plant Sale 2011: Wine two-toned Bearded Iris, Blue Vervain, Blackberry Lily and Yorktown Onion

This morning I made a trip over to the Virginia Master Gardener’s Plant Sale @ the Learning Garden in Yorktown.  I’ve been going to this annual sale which is held in May for the past three years and I wouldn’t miss it for the world.  Three years ago I met a previous Virginia Garden Blogger there for the first time, you know her as Janet @ The Queen of Seaford.  It runs from 9-12, but people get there early and the line gets long in no time.  Everyone was chatting about the Yorktown Onion which grows freely on the Colonial Parkway in Yorktown, Virginia.  They limit one plant per family and it’s the only place where you can one legally. The wild ones are protected by law from gathering or collecting.  Fortunately I was lucky enough to get one of these again this year.  The bulb is in the orange pot and the foliage has died back but it will sprout new green leaves come fall and hopefully bloom next spring.  That’s what happened with the one I bought 2 years ago, so I’m crossing my fingers for the same results this time around too.  I also picked up a Blackberry Lily (Belamcanda chinensis), Blue Vervain (Verbena hastata), and Wine two-toned Bearded Irises.  Now it’s time to find a home for my new babies, so happy gardening everyone and have a nice weekend and Mother’s Day!!! 🙂

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  1. Glad you made it there! Hope you mentioned my name. 😉

    They were pretty slammed busy, so I didn’t get a chance to chat with anyone. Sorry. 😦


    • Posted by jeannie fahey on May 27, 2012 at 9:19 pm

      janet hello i am an avid gardener from north carolina….recently traveled to yorktown and saw for the first time the yorktown onion blooming profusily…i love it…usually go that way in the fall so i’ve never seen them before…where can i purchase obe for my garden do you have any help or resource for them if so please contact me thank you jeannie fahey


  2. Local plant sales are the best. We have one coming up next weekend, I believe. This weekend Connecticut College is running theirs. So much fun to meet other gardeners at these things. I had to google Yorktown Onion having never heard of this plant and lo and behold! Your friend Janet was almost at the top of the list. Pretty flower and exclusive to Virginia. Enjoy your weekend and Mom’s Day as well!

    There are 3 local sales that I attend every year and they are a good source of Native Plants. That is too funny that you found Janet at the top of the list when you googled Yorktown Onion. 😉 Thanks!


  3. Nice purchases ….blackberry lily is one of my favs…..

    Thanks Rosemary, mine too! I have ‘Hello Yellow’ which is yellow of course and I just had to have this orange one. 🙂


  4. Looks like you had fun. There are a few plant sales here also but not till next week. Never could go to one because I work but this year I’m on vacation….It’s my gardening week.

    Yes I did Patsi, glad you are able to take a week off from work to play in the garden. Have fun at your sales! 🙂


  5. Lucky you to get that Yorktown onion! Some great buys for sure. We had our MG sale today too. It was a great day to have one. One of these days we’ll all meet up too as I’d love to meet you and Janet. I hear the spring fling will be in the southeast next year. Happy Mother’s Day to you and I hope you got all planted.

    Thanks Tina, I was pleased with my purchases yesterday. The weather was perfect here too for the sale, not too warm and not too cool. Then it rained last night after I finished planting most of them, so that worked out well. I would love to meet you too, maybe I’ll be able to go to the Spring Fling next year. Happy Mother’s Day Tina! 🙂


  6. Nice score!

    Thanks Meems! 🙂


  7. I feel like I’ve been around for a long time since I remember when you met Janet! It’s great you can go and get native plants nearby. Looks like you selected more good choices.
    Happy Mother’s Day too Racquel!

    We’ve both been around for a long time now Kathleen, lol 😉 Thanks, I hope you had a Happy Mother’s Day also.


  8. Nice purchases! A few weeks ago, I went about 45 minutes early to a local yearly sale, and was 5th in a line that got a block or two long before the sale opened. I quickly got the plants on my list, and left before the lines to pay got long. I would have liked to look around at the “surprise” plants that weren’t on the list, but when I started to go look for the “maybe” plant on my list, there was a wall of people, and I decided I better get out of there. I was pleased with the plants I got, though.

    I hope your onion plant grows.

    Sounds like plant sales are pretty popular where you live too. At least you got what was on your wish list. Thanks Sue, me too! 🙂


  9. I did not know the Yorktown Onions were rationed. One day I will get one, legally of course.


  10. Posted by Matylda on April 17, 2012 at 11:16 pm

    Is there a VMG plant sale scheduled for this year-2012?


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