Baptisia ‘Purple Smoke’

Baptisia Purple Smoke

I love the buds on this Baptisia, they remind me a bit of Asparagus.  Don’t you think? This perennial is working on it’s second year in my garden and it has doubled in size since that first season.  The stems which I forgot to photograph are a deep purplish color and all the foliage seems to be at the top which is interesting to me.  Soon it will in full bloom and I can wait since this is one of my favorite colors in the garden.  This plant happens to be in my Shed Garden which is devoted to shades of purple, yellow and orange.  I also have a white one that is native to my area but it emerges much later for some reason.  They had a yellow one at the Native Plant Sale I went to Sunday but somehow it didn’t make it into my box.  Oh well, maybe they’ll have some at the fall sale in September.  Hope everyone has a nice weekend and a Happy Easter.  🙂


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  1. I have a blue one and a yellow one in my new garden!! I don’t have buds on either yet, good for you to have some. Enjoy!

    Lucky you, I would love a yellow one. So pretty! I hope yours buds up soon. 🙂


  2. This seems to be the favored cultivar everywhere. I don’t have it yet but do so love the baptisias. They are splendid plants. Those buds are the perfect color of smoke.

    It does seem to get some positive feedback. You have to get one, the color is amazing. 🙂


  3. I’ve never thought about the resemblance to asparagus, but you are right!

    Mine are just now showing up. They are getting more shade now than in past years, but it is practically impossible to move those long tap rooted perennials! I have plenty of seedlings that I can move.

    I imagine, so Cameron, it would be like trying to move a mature Peony. This one supposibly doesn’t seed since it’s a hybrid. We’ll see. 😛


  4. I love baptisia! After I cleaned up the roadside bed where mine is planted, I didn’t see any signs of the baptisia and was worried it might not come back. Then a week or two later I noticed these buds that looked like asparagus, as you say. I’d never seen these early buds before–so cool! Mine doubled in size its second year, too–I’m anxious to see how big it gets this year!

    Me too Rose, even though after it blooms it just takes up space. I’m glad your Baptisia survived and is now starting to bud up. I just love how cool their stems look. Mine is in full bloom now and it’s awesome! 🙂


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