Native Plant Sale

I went to the The Virginia Living Museum Spring Native Plant Sale this weekend.  My son and hubby came along and I ended up buying more than I initially intended partly due to my son insisting that I get one of everything. 😉  He was intrigued by some of the common names so of course they were a must have purchase.  Here’s a list of what I picked up:

  • Eryngium yuccifolium or Rattlesnake Master
  • Helenium autumnale or Helen’s Flower
  • Helenium flexuosum or Dark-eyed Helen
  • Lupinus perennis or Sundial Lupine
  • Phlox pilosa or Downy Phlox
  • Sanguinaria canadensis or Bloodroot
  • Symphyotrichum novea-angiae or New England Aster
  • Symphyotrichum oblongifolium or Aromatic Aster
  • Fraelescantia ohionesis or Ohio Spiderwort
  • Viola pedata or Bird’s Foot Violet

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  1. good haul!!

    Thanks Janet, I love new stuff. 🙂


  2. With those common names I can see why he would be intrigued. Looks like a nice collection.

    Yep he especially loved the Rattlesnake Master plant. Thanks Susie. 😉


  3. Well I don’t blame your son for wanting all those cool sounding plants. Now let’s see if the rattlesnake master really masters the rattlers:)

    Don’t encourage him Tina, he almost broke the bank with this selection. lol Yep that one his favorite! 😉


  4. Great choices with such interesting names.. will look forward to seeing how they grow.

    Thanks Rosemary, promise to keep you updated on my new additions. 🙂


  5. Great plants! I saw the lupine and thought I was seeing a Bluebonnet! (of course–same family) 🙂

    Thanks Linda, I hope my Lupine is as pretty as your Bluebonnets! 🙂


  6. I saw my first Rattlesnake Master in NYC of all places this past summer. It was so cool looking. Looks like you had a good haul, and it is great your family indulges you so.

    It is an interesting looking plant from the photo they displayed. Thanks Les, yep they indulge me. 🙂


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