Mulch Time!

Me and hubby have been busy this past weekend doing some edging of flower beds by hand with a flat garden spade and a half-moon edger.  I slowly cut along the outer edge of each bed with the half-moon edging tool and he followed behind me digging out the turf and soil until we had a deep trench.  This trench was crucial for not only aesthetic purposes but keeping the mulch from washing out into the grass during a heavy downpour.  And nothing is going to waste either because we’ve used the good pieces of sod to fill in bare spots in the lawn.  Fortunately we got a good rainfall after doing this piecework which helped settle them in.  We’ve completed all of the backyard beds except for one and we still have 3 out front to do as well.  I’m in the process of mulching the beds too.  Don’t you just love how great everything looks with a layer of mulch.  It’s like the icing on the cake. Things are starting to fill in nicely, especially with all the rain we’ve been getting lately.  The only thing that is making this spring a bit hard on me is my seasonal allergies which have been at their worse this season with the fluctuation of the temperatures from cool to warm and the pollen.  Needless to say I’m keeping stock in antihistimines which makes me feel a bit groggy at times. Might have to look at getting an over the counter allergy medicine instead.  I hope everyone has a nice weekend in or out of the garden.  🙂


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  1. Mulch makes everything look so tidy!

    I agree Meems, it just completes the picture. 🙂


  2. It looks so nice! I too trench my beds and reuse the dirt/sod. A perfect way to recycle!

    Thanks Tina! 🙂 I really love how natural it looks and yep I love to recycle.


  3. Your gardens are always so well manicured! Looks really good. Do feel better.

    What a nice compliment Darla, but if you look real close you can see all the weeds. 😉 Thanks!


  4. I too love the look of mulched gardens and yours looks terrific…. my mulch of choice is black the green just pops .

    Thanks Rosemary, it is a obsession of mine to mulch my beds every spring. I’ve never tried the black mulch, I get mine from the City Compost Facility by the truck load. 😉


  5. There is something glorious about the tidy garden. New mulch, new compost. No weeds or mess. If only my house was the same way.

    So true Susan, it really just completes the picture. I know what you mean, my house gets a bit neglected this time of year. 😉


  6. Looks great! Send some of that rain our way! 🙂
    You have a great weekend too!

    Thanks Linda, I would send you some in a heartbeat if I could. 😉


  7. I don’t know what I would do without mulch! It keeps the weeds at bay and my large garden manageable. I agree that is also the perfect icing on the cake.

    I know what you mean Jennifer, it really does help keep the weeds at bay which can be a time consuming task this time of the year. 🙂


  8. Your bed looks so tidy now. We had to hire someone to do it for us this year. With health issues we just couldn’t do it. I just love it, when the beds are all tidy with their mulch blanket…Have a nice day today, Balisha’

    Thanks Balisha. It is quite a task, I don’t blame you for hiring someone to do it for you. Have a nice weekend! 🙂


  9. Looks super Racquel. I see a lot of Solomon’s Seal coming up behind those hostas!! What a great bed, and the edging frames it nicely.

    Thanks Janet. Yep I love Solomon’s Seal, it multiplies nicely every year and makes a great backdrop in the shade garden. 🙂


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