Subjects of interest

WordPress has an interesting feature in my dashboard that lists the Top Searches for the week.  Here’s what was searched on my blog this past week:

Autumn Fern

The Autumn Fern which has had several posts dedicated to it over the past couple of years was a subject of interest lately.  This is a wonderful addition to the shady areas of the garden.  

Swallowtail Butterfly on Coneflowers

 Another popular search subject on my blog is Butterflies.  It’s popular with me too.  Afterall I’ve devoted over 30 posts to these beautiful creatures.  From caterpillars to the plants that attract them, to just photos of these flying-flowers, I’ve done it all I think. 

'Blue Kentucky' Pole Beans

Pole Beans are a topic that generates numerous searches on my blog year round.  I’ve shown you how I grew mine in large plastic tubs with upside tomato cages as supports in one of my veggie-garden-updates


Last but not least the most searched topic was the ornamental shrub Forsythia.  Mine is a focal point that I can see from my bedroom window.  It dresses up the work corner of my yard with the firewood as an accent. 😉  I’ve also cut stems to force into bloom indoors. What were your most searched subjects of interest lately?


5 responses to this post.

  1. All neat subjects! I like the bean idea.

    Thanks Dave, it was my husband’s clever idea. 😉


  2. Searches often amaze me. One of the most popular searches on my blog is for rose campion!

    The most often stolen photo from my blog is of echinacea ‘Prairie Splendor’ (I have found the same photo of mine on four commercial websites for nurseries/retailers).

    I love that Rose Campion, hope the ones I sowed this past fall do well this spring. That’s kind of a compliment that they stole your Echinacea photo. 😉


  3. The things folks search for are so interesting!

    That is so true Tina. 🙂


  4. Posted by skeeter on March 31, 2011 at 3:29 pm

    You have a good looking Kid (man) there girl! Happy 18th David!

    I spotted the Autumn Fern in our local garden center recently and have noticed it on a few blogs. I am thinking of replacing a dead one in my shade garden with the Autumn….

    Thank you Skeeter, he’s a nice young man too. 🙂 You won’t be sorry, the Autumn Fern is a great addition to the shade garden. 🙂


  5. I find most of the searches that come to my blog are for tree info…sweet! Fun to see what folks are looking for.

    That is no surprise there Janet, you always have great info on Trees. 🙂


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