Helleborus orientalis

Helleborus orientalis 'Pink Lady'

This plant is sometimes referred to as the Lenten Rose.  It’s a perennial that’s been around since the middle ages.  I have four of these in different colors.  ‘Blue Lady’ (shown below), ‘Yellow Lady’ and ‘White Lady’ are the other three shades. 

Helleborus orientalis 'Blue Lady'

Here’s some more info on this evergreen perennial:

  • Blooms late winter-early spring
  • 14-18 inches in height
  • Prefers partial shade and moist soil
  • Squirrel, rabbit and deer resistant
  • Good cut flower
  • Hardy in zones 3-8

8 responses to this post.

  1. They are pretty…I haven’t a single on of them

    These are in their second year in my garden, I love them. You must get some soon. 🙂


  2. Racquel girl you are so ahead of us it isn’t funny ! .. we are STUCK in winter and we can’t get up!! haha
    Love seeing the hellebore .. I have a little collection of them that I can’t wait to see : )
    The problem is I think we are going to be so long getting to Spring it will be over in a snap and then summer will steam roller us ! eeekkkk !
    Joy : )

    But your garden always seems to pop up quickly once spring arrives Joy. You have some beautiful specimens from what I remembered, hope you get tons of blooms this spring. Hope we both get a decent summer this year. 🙂


  3. Posted by skeeter on March 1, 2011 at 7:33 pm

    So pretty and I must add more to my garden. I am not seeing Hellebores in our garden centers but maybe I should be looking for Lenten Rose instead! Ah, I will be on the lookout for more as I love my 3 little blooms…

    They really are a great perennial, don’t know what took me so long to add these beauties. Hope you find more to add to your garden soon, I got mine online I think. 🙂


  4. So pretty! I’ll have to grow these one day!

    Thanks Meems, their super easy to grow. 🙂


  5. So nice to see these lovely signs of spring

    I’ve glad you enjoyed them Rosemary. 🙂


  6. It is SO pretty! A sure sign of spring!

    Thanks Tina, indeed it is. 🙂


  7. I have the same ones, Racquel–maybe we ordered them from the same place?? Last year only one of my bloomed, so I hoping for a better show this year. So nice to see these colorful blooms so early in spring.

    Maybe so Rose, I can’t remember who I mail ordered them from now though. We should both get a good showing this year and for years to come too. 🙂


  8. I bought a Pink Frost Hellebore the other day and put her in a special place in the garden….not where the other Hellebores are. Kind of fun to have enough shade to have these pretties.

    Ooh can’t wait to see how pretty her blooms are Janet. I love being able to grow all the wonderful shade perennials that are available, some of my favorite plants. 🙂


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