Amaryllis Update

Amaryllis 'Appleblossom'

Well still no signs of buds or blooms yet from my Amaryllis bulb, but here’s hoping.  I have nothing to lose since it was a forgotten bonus plant.  Hope everyone is having a good week so far, I’m busy but taking a quick break to do this post.  Have a nice weekend! 🙂


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  1. Oh there is always hope….glad you took a small break to check in. The foliage looks so healthy!


  2. I too have only green leaves but hope that mine and yours flowers soon.


  3. They’re so pretty when they do bloom, aren’t they? I tried to plant one last year, but it got moldy before any leaves or anything even formed. I sure hope it blooms for you, it sure looks promising!


  4. I am sure the flowers will show Racquel. It took my paperwhites a while this year too. Be sure and let us know when they bloom.


  5. It’s looking good, Racquel! At least you didn’t forget your amaryllis outside this fall . . . which is what I did 😦


  6. Mine looks much the same – but in a much less attractive pot. I am beginning to think it might have given up on the idea of flowering. Still – I’ll keep on hoping!


  7. Had been wondering how you are doing. Hope your Amaryllis has bloomed.


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