Winter Storm 2010

This year Hampton Roads had a white Christmas.  Starting the evening of the 25th it started snowing and continued on through till the evening of the 26th.  It made everything looks like a winter wonderland in my garden.   Of course we got much more than they initially expected.  We ended up with over 12″ of snow in my area.  It put the area into a state of panic and most things were closed because of the weather. 

The boys and I stayed at home safe and sound with them running out occasionally to play in the snow.  Even though their about grown they were like little kids again for a couple of days.  You can see how deep it is here, my poor old beagle had to hop through the snow.  She was loving it but I’m sure it wore her out, lol.   Spaz the terrier and the cat Mooch were not happy with the white stuff, they prefered staying indoors where it was warm.  🙂

note:  As always feel free to click on any image to enlarge it


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  1. I cannot imagine 12 inches. Goodness gracious. I’m glad you are all safe.

    Yep it’s a nightmare now that I need to get out and do some errands too. Thanks Susie. 🙂


  2. Oh my! 12″ of snow anywhere would be a major thing and to get it in Virginia is a amazing! Glad you didn’t have to go anywhere. It will be a Christmas of memories to last forever!

    Yep it’s a major pain is what it is Tina. 😉 Thanks but now I have alot of running to do this week to catch up. Yep the boys were thrilled with all the snow.


  3. The snow looks so clean and new! I love it when it snows if I don’t have to go anywhere. They are predicting snow for our area in the next few days but it is not likely to be much. I guess I wond predict and wait and see what happens.

    Yep it looks pretty in these pics but now that the boys & furry pets have trampled through it, not so much. 😉 Hope you don’t get bombarded with snow like we did Sherry.


  4. Your garden looks so beautiful covered in white, Racquel, but 12 inches is a LOT of snow! I hope it didn’t spoil any of your Christmas plans. I keep telling myself that all this snow is really a blessing after the dry, dry summer we had. Stay warm!

    Thank you Rose, but yes 12 inches is too much snow. 😉 Nope it didn’t spoil anything and hubby got a extra day at home. Yep this will help make up for the drought we had this summer that’s for sure. Take care!


  5. So pretty…hahahah…the beagle looks like she’s having a ball!

    Thanks Scott, yep the poor old gal really loves the snow. 🙂


  6. Impressive photos Racquel. My dogs like to frolic in the snow….they love it, hope yours do too. Glad to see you didn’t lose power…saw many in Tidewater did. brrrrr

    Thanks Janet, it was fun watching the dogs hop through the snow. 😉 Yep I was surprised and relieved that we didn’t lose our power, we usually have in years past.


  7. We were watching the news about the storm off and on all weekend. Your garden pictures are so pretty all covered with a blanket of snow. Happy New Year…Balisha

    Yep and now we’re expecting a high of 60 degrees this weekend. Virginia weather is so strange, lol. Thanks Balisha, and a Happy New Year to you too! 🙂


  8. I can only imagine twelve inches because last Christmas, Oklahoma got fourteen. It was so much snow we didn’t know what to do with it. Love your photos. They are so wintry and bright. Happy New Year!~~Dee

    Yep you know how we feel, we haven’t been bombarded like this since 1989 when a blizzard hit our area. The people here don’t know how to drive in it and it makes for a real mess. Happy New Year Dee!


  9. Your garden looks like mine usually does! Not to wish it on you, but I’m so glad it’s there and not here (for once!) It is good moisture tho and once it melts I bet your plants will soon want to spring to life!

    Thanks Kathleen, but actually I wish we were both enjoying a green December, lol. 😉 Yep we could use the extra moisture to make up for the drought we had this past summer. That’s a good way to look at it! 🙂


  10. I have been thinking about you knowing your area was hit hard with the snow! It sure is pretty–but wow that is a lot of snow!
    Happy New Year!

    You’re so sweet Linda, thanks for thinking of me. We survived it, but I will be glad when all that stuff melts, lol. 😉


  11. Nothing better than being snowed in with family! Beautiful! Jean

    So true, we had plenty of hot chocolate and a nice warm fire to sit in front of too. 🙂


  12. It was certainly something else, wasn’t it? I hope you had a good Christmas and wish you a great new year.

    Yep it sure was Les, be glad when it all melts. 😉 Had a wonderful Christmas, thank you. Hope you have a great New Year too!


  13. I’m loving everyones pictures of the snow from this past weekend. Also loving the fact that for once it wasn’t us. We haven’t had any snow for over a week.

    Glad you are enjoying the snow pics Bonnie. Better us than you huh? lol 😉


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