A Tree for all Seasons

I forgot to post this picture earlier, but just had to share it with you all.  The fall color on my Crepe Myrtle this year was just fabulous.  It looks like it’s on fire with all that orange and yellow.  This has to be the best I’ve ever seen it look in the autumn.  Just another reason for this  tree to be  in my garden regardless of the season.  From the fresh green foliage in spring to the hot pink blossoms in summer to even the bare limbs in winter which shows off the mottled bark.   It’s definitely a tree for all seasons as I’ve said in a previous post two years ago.   And if you’re interested you can read that previous post  here.   Hope everyone has a nice weekend.   🙂


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  1. Dad gummit! Everyone’s Crapes turned beautiful fall colors, except mine!

    Sorry about that Darla.


  2. Racquel girl that looks like a beauty ! I researched it before but found it would not like my grow zone .. I was disappointed .. but I will have to admire yours all the more now ? LOL Have a great weekend girl !
    Joy : )

    Thanks Joy, sorry you can’t grow these here but yes you can share mine vicariously of course. Have a nice weekend. 😉


  3. It is a wonderful color. I love those crepes! Have a good weekend!

    Thanks Tina, have a nice weekend yourself! 🙂


  4. It is always satisfying to find a plant that is attractive for most of the year, especially during the winter. It has lovely coloured foliage.
    It has just snowed again over here so it looks like a lot of us have the same view 🙂

    I agree EG, it’s a big bonus if it has winter interest as well. Thanks. Yeah I’m tired of the snow already and we’re expecting more this weekend. 😉


  5. It is a great plant to have in the garden. Yours are looking wonderful.

    Definitely Janet, thank you! 🙂


  6. I’m enjoying your Crepe Myrtle too. What a wonderful tree to have in your yard…looking spectacular each season. Balisha

    Thanks Balisha, glad you enjoy it as much as I do. 🙂


  7. The crepes here have been pretty too. I walked a bit ago and noticed some of the pears have not lost their leaves and still have beautiful fall color. So funny–in Texas fall colors happens in December!
    Have a good weekend Racquel.

    It must be nice to have fall color in December, all we have is the color white now. 😉 Have a nice weekend Linda!


  8. It’s a beauty! Talk about a long season of interest, that tree has it all!

    Yep one of my favorite ornamental trees Scott. 🙂


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