O’ Christmas Tree…

Our little tree...

For the second year in a row hubby and me didn’t feel like putting up our 6 ft. artificial tree, so instead we have this little 4 ft. resting on top of one of his speakers.  Are we pathetic or what, lol?    Now that the boys are basically grown I’ve lost my previous enthusiasm for holiday decorating.  

The mantle all decked out...

I do however enjoy decorating the mantle every year, changing it up a bit as I go.   We even had stockings for our furry children, the two dogs and cat.  And yes they are already full of goodies as you can probably see.   I left my old decor in place and just added some Christmas things like pinecones, garland and  poinsettas.  Our stockings are a bit outrageous, but they were all handmade minus the pet ones.  🙂

note:  how do you all like my seasonal blog look, the header is a cropped photo from my tree and the background reminds me of wrapping paper


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  1. My decorating has been scaled way back this year. Trying to keep my focus on the reason we have Christmas. I love your header and wrapping paper background.

    That’s a good reason to scale pack Darla. Thanks I’m glad you like my festive look this month. 🙂


  2. Very pretty!
    I can guess how much of a dampener it is when kids outgrow their enthusiasm for decorations and festivities and everything. Still you have put in enough of an effort to do up the mantel and tree so beautifully.

    Thanks Sunita, yep we use to decorate every room and the entire outside of the house when the boys were young. They really enjoyed it. Yep I thought I should at least put up a few decorations instead of being a big scrooge. 😉


  3. I love your holiday look on the blog. Your tree is lovely too. We are getting to the same point as you with decorating inside. Never thought that would happen but oh well. I would’ve thought your tree much larger than 4 feet. It looks good.

    Thanks Tina, I felt like being a bit festive this year. Yeah I use to love decorating the entire inside/outside of the house for the holidays, but not so much in the past couple of years. Really? Maybe it’s the 24″ speaker it’s sitting on huh? 😉


  4. Racquel, that mantle is so pretty and festive! I had a hard time decorating this year. Is this what happens as we age? I do way too much and I am making notes not to do so much next year. I really cannot get in the “Christmas spirit” for some reason this year. 🙂

    Thanks Linda, yep I think it does have to do with age. It was so much fun decorating when the kids were young and they were so in to it. Just like all the baking I use to do at the holidays. Lets hope we both get some Christmas Spirit soon… 🙂


  5. I, too, have scaled back. Many of my decorations are still in the attic and our tree is still in the field waiting to be cut. It’s a smaller tree than what we usually get. I am trying to find time to enjoy the season, not run myself ragged with shopping, decorating, baking, etc……..

    Wow you have really scaled back Bonnie. 😉 Good idea to enjoy the season instead of running yourself ragged this month.


  6. I don’t over do the decorating at Christmas. We have neighbors who have more decorations outside than I have total! Keeping it simple here!

    Yep that’s my plan this year too Janet, keep it simple. 🙂


  7. I was thinking about a new header on my blog for Christmas buty I haven’t had a chance to get at it. Your blog looks great. I think your tree and mantle are perfect. We have also scaled back a little on decorating. Our grandchildren do expect us to have certain things out, I am sure they will wonder why the tree we cut last week is not decorated yet when the visit tomorrow. Merry Christmas!

    It’s a busy time of the year Sherry. Thanks I decided to get in the festive mood this year with my blog for a change. I’m liking my little tree and the mantle was so fun to decorate too. I would just tell the grandkids that you saved the tree for them to decorate. Have a very Merry Christmas! 🙂


  8. It still looks pretty festive Racquel and at least you are doing some decorating. I know a few people who have given it up! 😦

    Thanks Kathleen, I’ve decided to do some baking this year too. 🙂


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