December brings…

A dusting of snow in the garden.  Here on my red bench you can truly see how minute the accumulation actually was in this area.  I love how pretty the red looks with just a light frosting of white stuff.  🙂

And  look at this ‘Glowing Peace’ rose bud frozen in time.  The vibrancy of the pink and yellow against the fence really caught my eye yesterday when I was out in the garden. What does December bring to your garden?


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  1. Snow! Looks pretty on that red bench.

    Yep alittle bit, but just a tease really. Thanks Meems, I love the look too. 🙂


  2. Beautiful! Temps in the low 20’s…no snow and spring seedlings are up!

    Thanks Darla, it’s 29 here right now. I’ll have to check my spring seedlings…. 😉


  3. Racquel girl that rose is amazing isn’t it ? I had William Shakespeare blooming so late in the season it was a wonderful treat : )
    We have a dusting of snow now too .. our natural state of affair finally !LOL

    Yep it always amazes me when I get some late rose blooms this time of the year Joy. It’s quite the treat indeed. 🙂 I’m sure a dusting or more is your natural state of affair, but it’s not unusual for us to get none in December. January & February tend to be our coldest months. It takes that long sometimes for us to get a decent amount.


  4. I hate cold weather and am not ready for this. Looks like it will be around most of this week.

    And to think I was complaining about the heat this past summer. It’s time to hibernate indoors… 😉


  5. Dear Racquel,
    My daughter told us about the snow down there! Hard to believe we’ve had NONE as yet…considering we’re a few hours north of you. I have read that mid-December will be the week we may get quite an accumulation, though, so our time is nearing! Pretty shot of the rose! Hope you’re having a great December and the holidays will be merry for you and your family!

    It wasn’t much Jan, just a dusting and it only stuck to the grass & foliage. Yep I figured you guys would get some before us, hope we aren’t getting any of that mid month stuff. Thanks, hope you & yours have a wonderful & safe holiday too. 🙂


  6. I love the frozen rosebud! December 1 brought a light dusting of snow in our area, too, but this past weekend we got the “real” stuff. Most of my garden is now buried under a foot of snow.

    Thanks Rose, I do too! 🙂 Yuck I’m glad we didn’t get any of the real stuff yet.


  7. That red does look great with the white. Very pretty!

    Thanks Tina, I think so too. 🙂


  8. So far December has just brought some frost and more leaves falling. I can handle that!

    Yep that’s how I feel too Janet. Hope it’s a mild winter for the both of us. 🙂


  9. We must be the only part of the UK that has missed out on snow – we have just had a dusting. I rather look forward to snow as it tends to have a magical effect on the landscape – even a rubbish bin can look attractive!

    Sorry to hear you missed out on the snow, it does give everything a magical look huh? 🙂


  10. We received snow Saturday – unusual for us here in the South – and it was beautiful! I still had blooms in the garden. Today it has been windy and bitterly cold and has me curious about what kind of winter we’ll have.
    I love that red bench!

    It seems everyone is having a bitterly cold winter thus far. Yep snow is beautiful but then it becomes messy. Hope your winter gets better soon. Thanks Ginny, that is my favorite curbside find. 🙂


  11. That’s the amount of snow I like Racquel! It looks pretty on top of your red bench. I’m happy to report no snow here right now. 🙂 Yay!

    I bet Kathleen, lol. I love the look of the white stuff but not the mess that’s for sure. Glad you are snow free at the moment. 🙂


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