New Additions in 2010

There were a lot of new things added to my garden this season.  This list includes bulbs, seeds, perennials, trees, shrubs and native plants.  Here is my list and an update on their progress thus far:

  1. Rosa ‘Morning Magic’ – this was a must have for the arbor garden arch.  The first one did so well in its’ first season, I added another one.
  2. Cup Plant – a native plant purchase that I think succumbed to our hot & dry summer.  Hope it comes back though.
  3. ‘Coral Bark’  Japanese Maple tree seedling – It has doubled in size since May. Will stay in pot  for another year or two I think.
  4. Vitex agnus-castus tree seedling – tripled in size since May and bloomed this summer. Hope to get it planted this month in the ground.
  5. Evening Primrose ‘Twilight’ – moved to another spot this fall since it wasn’t doing much in the initial place. New growth appearing.
  6. Delphinium ‘Delfix Blue’ – unfortunately I think I lost this plant to the summer heat. 
  7. Penstemon ‘Red Riding Hood’ – another casualty from this summer
  8. Abelia grandiflora x ‘Little Richard’ – doing great in it’s new spot and putting out new growth
  9. Korean Lilac – has lost some foliage but is holding on I think
  10. Catmint ‘Walkers Low’ – bloomed pretty well this summer and is still full of green foliage
  11. Ladies Tresses – native orchid that bloomed this fall and is doing good so far
  12. Carolina Bushpea – planted this fall and is putting out new growth
  13. Ironweed – planted this fall but seems a bit stagnant so far
  14. Marginal Woodfern – happy in its’ current spot under the Limelight Hydrangea and appears to be evergreen
  15. Daffodils ‘Ice Follies’ – planted last month in the Hydrangea Bed – waiting till spring to see the results
  16. Alliums ‘Raspberry & Creme mix’ – planted in new garden last month and no signs of foliage yet
  17. Dutch Iris ‘Lion King’ – planted in new garden last month and no signs of foliage yet
  18. Hardy Glads ‘Nymph’ – planted in new garden last month and no signs of foliage yet
  19. Asiatic Lillies (Chianti, Grand Paradiso, Roma, Dreamland, Salsa and Agrippa) – planted last month/no signs of foliage yet
  20. Burgundy Poppy Anemone – Planted in new garden last month and no signs of foliage yet
  21. Allium ‘Pink Jewel’ – Planted in new garden last month and no signs of foliage yet
  22. Fall sown seeds – False Queen Anne’s Lace, Larkspur ‘Sublime Bright Carmine’, Lychnis coronaria ‘Dancing Ladies’ and Nigella (Love in a Mist) – planted this week and hoping they do well come spring.

This was a small list of additions compared to previous seasons but I’m happy with my choices even though some didn’t work out.  Every gardener experiences losses, it’s a given.  Here’s hoping for a wonderful spring come 2011!  🙂


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  1. I have re-dedicated myself to writing down what I plant. We will see how long this lasts.

    Good for you Les. I’ve only been doing this since 2008 when I started this blog. 🙂


  2. Your list doesn’t look too small to me. Hope everything turns out great for you.

    It really isn’t a small list but compared to previous years it is. Thanks Susie. 🙂


  3. That’s an impressive list…and a great idea…I think I may attempt the same!

    Thanks Scott, glad I could inspire you to do the same. This blog is my journal of sorts so the posts are just as much for me as for all of you who stop by daily. 🙂


  4. My goodness, that is a lot! We will have to compare notes on larkspurs. I planted some too and I so hope they come up and bloom. It was a very special gift from a friend.

    Really? Well compared to previous years, I was thrifty this season. 🙂 Yep we will definitely have to compare notes on the Larkspurs, I’ve never grown them before. Good luck with yours!


  5. That’s a lot of plants! Ever since I began seeing cup plant on your blog it seems it is everywhere now. It is on my list for next year for sure. Your coral bark will grow fast. They are such lovely small trees.

    I hope mine comes back in the spring otherwise I’ll be picking up another one. Thanks for the info on the Coral Bark, I’m so pleased with its’ progress so far. 🙂


  6. I don’t think your list is small at all Racquel! As the garden matures there seems to be less and less space for new plants. At least that’s the case for me. I have to be very selective about what I bring home now. That’s the reason I started container gardening so much too ~ it was a way to keep buying!!!! I hope all your new plants do well.

    Really? You should seen my list from years past, lol. 😉 I know what you mean, but there are always things that don’t quite make it or take over so they need to be replaced. Good reason to container garden, luckily I have room to expand my garden still. Thanks!


  7. Isn’t it fun to add plants to the garden. I can barely wait until spring when everything comes back to life.

    Yep it sure is even when there are casualties. Me too Meems! 🙂


  8. Impressive list. Very impressive. I started writing down everything I planted since we got here…the numbers are astounding. Need to add to the list as I am about to sow some seeds for Columbine and Poppies.

    I bet your list is very impressive considering you are basically starting with a clean slate. 🙂


  9. Your list is impressive to me. I have not been writing things I add down, I will have to start doing that next year, then I will have a feeling of accomplishment when I look at it. That is motivating to me. Your blog is always an inspiration.

    Thanks Sherry, glad my blog inspires you. That is so sweet. 🙂 I started keeping a record about the same time I started this blog and it has been so helpful to me.


  10. This is a great idea, Racquel; I should make a list of all I added this year as well. Sadly, several of my purchases were lost to the dry heat, too; I’m hoping that the rest of them survive the winter.

    Thanks Rose, it’s helped me alot by keeping a journal of my purchases every year. Yep this past summer was pretty brutal, I wasn’t too surprised that I had some casualities. Hope the rest of yours survive this winter.


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