Fall Color Collage

I finally got some pictures together for the  2010 Fall Color Project hosted by Dave @ The Home Garden.  This year I decided to make a collage of some of the fall color in my yard & neighborhood.

(From upper L-R across & down: Oakleaf Hydrangea 'Little Honey', Variegated Solomon's Seal, Maples in my neighbor's yard, leaf from Sweetgum Tree and Balloon Flower foliage)

Hope you enjoyed some fall color from Newport New, Virginia.  Thanks for hosting this fun meme Dave!  :)

7 responses to this post.

  1. Nice colors here, really like the lower left one. My Agapanthus have some green on them year round…I’m just going to bite the bullet and move some anyway….thanks.

    Thanks Darla. Me too! :) I’m sure it will be fine. This is a good time of year to divide & move perennials from my experience.


  2. Nice colors Racquel.

    Thanks Susie. :)


  3. I just love seeing all these glorious fall colors. Just super.

    It’s a tapestry of colors here right now Janet. :)


  4. Beautiful…that’s a wonderful range of foliage forms and colors!

    Thanks Scott, glad you enjoyed my collage of color. :)


  5. Beautiful, beautiful colors. We are having some fall here in the Dallas area! Can’t believe our trees have been so colorful.
    Happy Thanksgiving Racquel to you and your family!

    Thanks, glad you are getting some fall color in your area too. Happy Thanksgiving to you & yours Linda. :)


  6. Racquel girl this is GORGEOUS !!
    I love what you have done with your blog and the post for Fall colour is awesome : )
    I just wanted to add that I am under a slightly different blog name now, ergo the address .. but I see it is changing on its own now too .. phew !
    Just in case though .. I am at
    Joy : )

    Thanks Joy, I’m glad you enjoyed my post as well as my festive fall look. :) Oh glad you let me know, I’ll have to change my link to you on my blogroll now.


  7. Beautiful, Racquel! I’ve really enjoyed seeing all the posts on fall color, especially now that most of ours is gone. I had no idea balloon flower had such lovely foliage; I wonder what happened to mine.

    Glad you were able to enjoy another burst of fall color since yours is gone now! Oh yeah I love how some perennials like the solomon’s seal & balloon flower put on a autumn display. :)


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