Fall Checklist Update

Chrysantheums in full glory 11/17/10

Well I’ve been working hard this past weekend completing some of the tasks I wanted to do before the end of the month.  Here’s what we (my son helped quite a bit) got done so far:

  • Transplanted a Knockout Rose from my grandmother’s garden bed to my Rose Garden out front (after trimming it back severely)
  • Cut back the other 3 Knockouts since they were really unruly.  This took 3 large yardbags! 
  • Divided the  one large Phlox ‘Robert Poore’ in this bed into 4 smaller divisions which were planted between the Roses
  • Moved a large clump of Purple Coneflowers into the raised garden bed (making 3 smaller clumps)
  • Weeded both the Rose Garden and Raised Garden beds and cut back the dead foliage on some perennials
  • Divided the Shasta Daisies in Grandma’s Garden bed into 5 smaller clumps that were spread around her bed and my New Garden bed
  • Moved some purple Beebalm from my garden into her bed as well as some double daylillies
  • Moved the Green Coneflowers into a sunnier spot behind the birdbath in the New Garden (in place of the Beebalm)
  • Moved the Hydrangea ‘White Swan’ into the Green Coneflowers former shadier spot
  • Planted some  ‘Hair’ Allium bulbs in the New Garden
  • Sowed Larkspur, Rose Campion, False Queen Anne’s Lace and Nigella seeds in the Arbor Garden Bed
  • Moved a hybrid Rose from the Knockout Rose Bed into the Raised bed

Here’s what I hope to still get done this month (if not than there’s always next spring):

  • Replace landscape timbers that have rotted on the Raised Bed out front
  • Move my compost bin that’s beside the Arbor Garden to the work area on the other side of my yard
  • Make a new bed for the Vitex Tree (yep still in the pot) 😉
  • Remove fountain pumps and store in the garage (this is a must)
  • Make one more raised veggie bed

9 responses to this post.

  1. Ah you are reminding me to make another list! You got a lot done!

    Thanks Dave, sorry that I added to your list though. 😉


  2. Wow Racquel, what a list! Good for you. Moving and trimming those roses must have given you and your son a few scratches along the way.

    Yep I was a bit ambitious this year but it will all pay off. 🙂 Oh yeah we were paid back big time with lots of scratches, lol. Thanks, I know it needs to get planted ASAP.


  3. You’ve been busy doing all those fun things involving digging in the dirt!

    Some were fun and some not so much, lol. 😉


  4. Whew, I broke a sweat just reading all that! Good job Racquel! I wish I could say I had gotten a lot done recently but I can’t. Maybe I can just blame it on our cold, snowy weather?!!!

    Sorry that I wore you out with my fall checklist Kathleen. 😉 Well you do have the excuse of it being snowy and cold there, don’t blame you.


  5. Girl, you are way busy!! But I love fall days out in the yard preparing for a new year. Almost time for you to rest though! 🙂

    Yep I sure am and I can’t wait for my long winter’s break to prepare for next spring. 🙂


  6. Oh geez, you are putting all of us to shame….can I divide and move Agapanthus now?

    Sorry Darla, didn’t mean to do that. 😉 Yep you should be able to divide it now. It’s dormant right now right?


  7. You have been very busy, Racquel! Garden chores have been put on hold here while I get ready for Thanksgiving, but what doesn’t get done now can wait till spring, as you say.

    You have too Rose, making a new bed was a massive project in itself. Yep whatever I don’t get done will hold off till spring I guess. 😉


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