Treasure Hunting in the Attic

This past weekend my hubby was in the attic trying to find the transformer for our doorbell.  It mysteriously stopped working after we had new insulation put in last spring.  On his way down he came across something interesting.  We have stuck quite a few things up in our attic over the years and forgot about them.  This decorative planter spinning wheel is one of those forgotten treasures.  I might give this a coat of paint and put some pretty annuals in it next spring.  Wouldn’t it be cute in the garden or on the patio or deck?  Now to see what else I put up there and forgot about……. lol  😉


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  1. Oooh, what an awesome find!

    Thanks Meems. I know you love repurposing things too. 🙂


  2. Oh, oh, oh my goodness! This is so exciting! Yes it will be beautiful with a plant in it!!!!

    Thanks Darla, now to figure out what to put in it. Think I’ll give it a coat of poly first too. 🙂


  3. i would keep it in the house. It would look beautiful with a plant in it. Balisha

    I’ve had it in the house in the past but it doesn’t go with my decor now. 😉


  4. What a find, Racquel! We don’t have an attic, but I keep meaning to hunt through our barn–I’m sure there must be some “lost” garden treasure lurking there, too.

    Ooh I bet there are all kinds of hidden treasures lurking in the barn. So fun to explore. 🙂


  5. At least you have found something interesting and useful – our attic is unlikely to produce anything as attractive as your planter. Have you remembered why you put it up there?

    Yep I forgot all about this cute planter. I think it was when I redid my decor in the living room about 5 years back. I went from a country look for 16 years to a more updated modern look. 😉


  6. How many people have a spinning wheel…very cool. I see a new planter in the future.

    It is pretty unique, never seen another one that’s for sure. 🙂


  7. Very cool!!!!!

    Thank you DGG! 🙂


  8. Lucky you! That will make a great display.

    Thanks Susie, I think it will be really cute on the deck. 🙂


  9. Nice! I’m glad I don’t have an attic, lol.

    Thanks Monica, lol. 😉


  10. I’d definitely use it outside ~ a vine around the wheel would be amazing. I wish I had one in my attic! It’s good to go up and check it out once in a while, isn’t it?

    Good idea Kathleen. I didn’t think about a vine. Do you think I should change the color of it? 🙂


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