Updating the Garden

This past weekend I was reworking a couple of the garden beds out front (the Rose & Raised Garden Beds).  The raised bed that acts as a border between my yard and the neighbor got the biggest overhaul.   You can go here to see a picture of what they looked like in 2009.  I removed the Soapwort that was invading every corner of the front of this area and replaced it with Liatris, Daylillies and Irises.  All of these were divisions from other spots.  The red circles are the ‘Stella d’ora’ Daylillies, the blue circles are the Liatris, the orange circles are the Irises and the yellow circle is Asiatic Lillies.  These should look great come next spring I hope.   Other areas of this bed were cleaned up and Phlox ‘Robert Poore’, Purple Coneflowers and a Peace Rose were added to fill in some bare spots.  The Phlox, Coneflowers and Rose were moved over from the Rose Garden Bed.  All that’s left is to replace the timbers that have rotted.   Now about the Rose Garden….

See this big blank area, it will be the new home for another ‘Knockout’ Rose that I’m relocating from my grandmother’s garden bed.  It is currently blocking the access panel for the addition which makes things tricky with all those thorns.  😉


4 responses to this post.

  1. Everything looks great Racquel. Be careful moving the rose. Those thorns always seem to bite you when you least expect it.

    Thanks Susie, and I plan on cutting it back before I move it so I can avoid getting bitten too much. lol 😉


  2. You’ve certainly been busy, Racquel! It’s great that you have been able to rework these areas with divisions you already have. All those daylilies will look beautiful next summer!

    Thanks Rose, I have so much more I want to get done before winter sets in too. Hopefully I keep up this motivation and don’t procrastinate. 😉


  3. I like the garden. That bed always looks great. I am impressed with how neat and orderly it is…as always. gotta love knock-out roses….they give and give.

    Thanks Janet, I can’t wait until next year to see how my plan works out. 🙂


  4. That bare spot will look great with another Knockout rose. You just can’t beat them!

    Thanks Tina and they really do stand up to whatever Mother Nature throws at them. 🙂


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