Hosta Garden Redo

Hosta 'Royal Standard' with Nandinas, Viburnums and a Rhododendron

The Hosta Garden got a makeover this weekend.  I dug up the 6 or 7 mature ‘Royal Standard’ clumps and divided them into about 28 smaller divisions.  Eight of these divisions were potted up for my husband’s co-worker to enjoy.  The rest were distributed throughout this bed and a couple other beds.  This took me about 2 hours and it was messy work but should pay off big time next spring.  Here’s the steps involved in redoing this area:

  • dug up mature clumps with a spading fork so as to not disturb the crown and roots
  • split the divisions into smaller clumps (by hand and with the fork)
  • cut off the spent and broken foliage with shears
  • potted up 8 divisions for pass-a-long  plants
  • added a full wheelbarrel of compost to the garden
  • tilled the compost into the existing soil and raked it smooth
  • planted the new smaller divisions into several beds
  • watered the new plants

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  1. Hi,

    Excellent job, I wish I was as efficient at getting jobs done. I know I need to divide and move various plants and have already put it off until Spring…

    Thanks Liz, I have had moments of procrastination when it comes to the garden too. It feels great to get these tasks done though. Come spring I will be so glad I did it. 🙂


  2. I have a major clump of hostas that needs dividing yet I don’t think I can dig in the ground. Too dry. It’s probably better for me to wait until spring anyway when we have good moisture. What kind of viburnum do you have there?

    Yep it’s hard to dig in dry soil. Luckily we had all that rain last month which has made my job really easy. I would of waited till spring too, but it’s easier to damage the new buds then. Those are ‘Winterthur’ viburnums. 🙂


  3. I can’t wait to see it next spring! It’s going to be beautiful.

    Thanks Randy, I’m pretty excited about it too! 🙂


  4. It’s always nice to share plants with other people, how nice for your husband’s co-worker.

    I think hostas are so pretty. I know your bed will look great next year.

    Yep I’ve been very fortunate to have lots of generous gardeners share plants with me over the years. Hope she loves them as much as I do! 🙂 Thanks Susie!


  5. This is one of the great things about hostas–once you have a few plants, in a few years you can have many more. I’m still marvelling how you got all this done in 2 hours!

    Hosta, Daylillies and Iris really give the most bang for your buck. I’m estimating about 2 hours, it was early in the morning and everyone was asleep still. 😉


  6. How exciting to get a bunch more hostas. You are most nice to share too!

    Yep I was really surprised at how many new plants I got!!! Thanks Tina, she was thrilled! 🙂


  7. I just know it will pay off big time come Spring. Lucky co-workers of your husbands.

    I hope it turns out just like I pictured in my mind Darla. Thanks! 🙂


  8. I love the ease in acquiring new plants that Hosta’s afford us! I have done this many times and distributed them around the yard over the years. I had some HUGE hosta last spring that I took to my mom’s new home, and divided them into loads and loads of individual plants…which my hubby planted for her (notice I said ‘hubby’?!). That’s actually the first time he’s done that…usually I’m the planter;-) We lined the edge of my mom’s yard along the woods where the ‘soil’ was mostly clay…and quite dry. But even with the heat this summer, and little water, they have grown and by next year should look great! Hosta’s are definitely a workhorse in any garden;-)

    They really are a bargain plant when you figure out how many free plants they make for us. Ha, I love how you said hubby, lol. My hubby wouldn’t know the first thing about planting, sounds like he did a good job. Yep their a workhorse in my garden that’s for sure. 🙂


  9. It’s going to look fantastic next year Racquel. I bet fall is the best time to divide them? Of course, I divided one in spring. Should have looked up this info. I got five divisions from one big plant but (although they all lived) none did exceptionally well. I’m hoping to see better results next spring myself.

    I hope so Kathleen, the picture in my head looks good at least. 😉 Yep fall is best since you risk damaging the shoots on the crown in spring. I’ve divided in spring too and it worked out okay. Next spring your new divisions should look great!


  10. Re-doing a largish area in the garden is particularly satisfying. The results of your labours are there before your very eyes. Much better than spending two hours in the garden with very little to show for it 🙂

    So true EG, so true! I spent the day before doing various things such as moving plants, trimming back etc. And this bed shows the efforts the most. 🙂


  11. Love redos !!!
    Sometimes we just have to start over and that’s a good thing. Bet it will look great come next year.

    Me too, I’ve redone all of my beds at one time or another. lol Thanks Patsi! 🙂


  12. That garden is going to be so pretty…can’t wait to see it in the spring. Balisha

    Thanks Balisha. I promise to show it off come spring. 🙂


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