Days of Rain

Days of rain in the Hampton Roads area has left my yard a soggy mess.  Here’s what my backyard looked like Thursday evening.  As of today the excess water has been absorbed into the soil.  It was still raining when I took these photos.  We must of gotten at least 8-10″ in two days.  These were the remnants of Tropical Storm Nicole.  Most of the east coast was bombarded this week with wind, rain and flooding.  Some people have had large trees fall  in their yards or on their houses.  I’m grateful that this is the extent of the damage to my yard.  Needless to say we’ve spent the better part of the week cooped up in the house.  One positive outcome was the Fall webworms that were overtaking my Pecan Tree were shaken loose or completely satuated.  This was a bad year according to our local extension office.  There was an article about it a week ago in the Home & Garden section of the local newspaper.  We cut the ones we could reach off the tips of the branches.  We meaning my son and hubby.  😉 But this tree is so tall it would take a crane to reach the top.   Some other positive results were the much needed precipitation of course and the cooler temps that came with it.  It finally feels like Fall here in Virginia.  After a long hot and dry summer, temps in the 70’s are a relief indeed.  Anyhow, it will be nice to see the sun shining again.


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  1. I wish I had a little of that rain. I am still watering.

    We have had a problem with army worms. Seems like this happens every year, but their tree of choice has limbs that are out of reach to treat them safely.

    I wonder if there is something that I can add to the soil around this tree to ward off these worms?

    I would send you some if I could Jeff. 😉 I’ve never heard of these worms, but I did alittle research online and found this site: Hope it is helpful for you.


  2. I thought of you when I heard where the hurricane was headed! I like your new format, the banner is so pretty and inviting! We talked about fall webworms in MG class a few weeks ago. Apparently they are the most common fall insect problem. We need some rain, but I am not complaining as the weather right now is delightful! 🙂

    Thanks for keeping me in your thoughts Linda. 🙂 I’m glad you like my new blog format. It has a fall look and is just perfect for Halloween. We’ve had some problems with them in the past but this year was the worst yet. Hope you get some rain soon, glad the temps are better for you right now at least.


  3. I wish you could send us some of that moisture too Racquel. We are bone dry here as well. I’m glad it cooled things off for you but why does it have to come in deluges??!!
    Hope you’re having a good weekend and your blog header is just beautiful.

    I would if I could Kathleen. Sorry to hear things are still dry there. Yep Mother Nature has a wicked sense of humor… 😉 Thanks, glad you like my new header. Have a nice weekend!


  4. Hear you got a l lot of rain.
    Ah…cooler temps…isn’t it nice.

    Yep lots of rain and cooler temps, ahh…relief! 🙂


  5. WE have had a crazy amount of rain as well, the ground is feeling squelchy (is that even a word?) when I walk across it. Luckily no trees down though, I always worry when the winds get high.

    Yep that sounds about right Deborah, my soil is squelchy too. 😉 Glad to hear you didn’t lose any trees either.


  6. Oh my, that is a lot of water! Yikes!

    Yep it would of been nice to have some of this during July & August.


  7. I thought I was having a hard time with rain but you are having it much worse. At least it can drain away and the soil benefits. If only rain would always fall overnight instead of messing up the daytime!

    Yep I could of used some of this wet stuff this past summer. My garden was subjected to high temps and dry weeks. 😦 That is so true, it would be nice. 😉


  8. What’s that saying? Into each garden a little rain must fall? I guess a LOT of rain works too. Love that it got rid of webworms.

    Yep that would be the saying Monica, lol. ALOT of rain must fall…and it did for days. 😉


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