Plant Grotto

(From L-R: Gaura 'Pink Fountain', Catmint 'Walker's Low', Butterfly Weed and Annual Vincas)

 Here’s my little plant grotto on the back patio.  Most of these plants will be waiting until next month to be planted when the temps cool down a bit.  Other than some annuals which I intend to tuck into a pot that is looking a bit ragged with some Snaps that overwintered and bloomed this past spring.  Okay I couldn’t help myself  earlier this  week when I was out running errands, but to stop by Lowe’s and “look” at their plant selection.  I know,  looking and buying are two different things.  lol   But they did just get a shipment of perennials in the day before so I loaded up the cart with a few.  This Gaura ‘Pink Fountain’ was a must since I purchased one last fall and it has done great inspite of the heat and drought this summer.  It will be added to the Arbor Garden in a bare spot I noticed the other day.  I’m hoping that these Butterfly Weeds do as well as the existing one has in my New Garden.  They will be added to another spot in the same garden to accent the abundance of purple blooms already there.  The Catmint was a must since since I don’t have one currently.  Shame on me!  I think it might be going out back so the cat doesn’t have a field day with it.  😉   Then the last but not least finds were these pretty little rosey Vincas with the white eyes.  They are going in a container to brighten up a bare spot in my Arbor Garden.  I love these annuals because they will thrive in sun or shade and don’t mind the heat.  Sometimes they reseed a bit much, but are easily removed.  This was my first real splurge this summer other than a few plants here and there earlier in the season.  Behind the newbies are the Korean Lilac and Abelia I bought earlier this summer.   Oh and Spaz is back there being nosy and getting in the shot again… lol     Have a nice weekend everyone!!!


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  1. Oooh, nice splurge indeed!

    Thanks Meems I’m happy with my finds. 🙂


  2. You found some great blooms to add to your garden. Pinky Winky is my favorite in the landscape. I just got a bunch of new ones from Proven Winners. There is a new lilac that blooms all year round… no joke! I will share it next spring when it is bigger and blooming in year 2!

    Happy I found your blog – it is truly a fun gardening site!

    Thanks Bren for stopping by and for your nice comments. I love Proven Winners plants, so happy with the selections I’ve gotten of theirs over the years. Ooh that reblooming Lilac sounds fab, can’t wait to see it when it starts flowering. 🙂


  3. Good for you! I need to go buy a few plants..haven’t done that much this summer.

    Thanks Darla, I was in need of alittle plant therapy via shopping. 😉


  4. My grotto count is only at 4 right now.

    Really? Curious what kind of goodies you have waiting to be planted Les. 🙂


  5. Racquel,
    I have been doing a great job staying away from where plants are being sold. I am noticing more and more bare spots, that are bugging me, but I am going back to work today, and it is just too hot for anything to survive right now. I may have to try to plant a few things next month, though.

    One of my butterfly milkweeds died. I am wondering if I should wait until next year to see if it comes up before planting anything else there. The problem with that, is that they are one of the last things to come up in the spring.

    I don’t think cats are attracted to catmint like they are to catnip. I think it depends on the variety and the individual cat, but I am saying all this on the top of my head.

    Good for you Sue, I’ve been the same way. Normally I buy alot of plants every May and June. But this year it’s just been too hot. I had a hard time with Butterfly Weed surviving. Last spring I added 3 or 4 plants and only one came back. Crossing my fingers that these two do well. That’s good to know info. My cat was sniffing it yesterday but didn’t seem too interested. 😉


  6. Good luck with the new additions Racquel. I have a couple of things still in pots waiting to be planted. It’s just to hot right now.

    Have a great weekend!

    Thanks Susie, I know what you mean. The poor things would probably succumb to the heatwave we’ve been having immediately. Have a nice weekend yourself! 🙂


  7. so pretty….I must get to Lowe’s soon. Everything in our little garden center in town looks so scraggly. Balisha

    Thanks Balisha, I love that store. They always take such good care of their plants and the prices are fair. 🙂


  8. Geez, I wish I had only 4 plants in my grotto like Les. You have a few more and they look good. I don’t blame you for waiting until next month to plant. I probably won’t wait that long because I’m having a heck of a time keeping the plants alive. Have a great weekend. P.S. Richmond would be fun!

    Really? How many do you have waiting to be planted Tina, lol? Yep I gave in yesterday evening and planted the Butterfly Weed. Hope I didn’t jump the gun. The shrubs will definitely need to wait till fall though… Same to you Tina, have a great w/end! I’m not much of a racing fan myself but my youngest son enjoys going with Dad. 😉


  9. I really want a catmint, but have trouble finding them. I think now that I am retired I will have much more time to plant shop in spring. YAY!!
    Have a great weekend Racquel!

    Hope you find one this spring Linda. Hooray for having more time for plant shopping! 😉


  10. It’s hard to resist a good bargain, isn’t it?:) I bought a Gaura earlier this summer, too; I do like those swirling blooms. You won’t regret the nepeta, although I have to take the shears to mine every so often when it starts to look straggly. The cats love it, but they’ve never hurt it, so let your cat enjoy!

    Yep sure is, I’ve been a very good this year and not bought as much as in past years. I don’t know why I never planted Gaura before, it’s a fun plant. Thanks for the tip on the Nepeta, good to know info. 😉


  11. With all the hot weather, you sure are brave to buy now and plant later. I did that last summer thinking I’d have plenty of time to plant. I forgot to water just a couple of times and killed almost the lot of them. Lesson learned, now I only buy and plant when I know for sure I can plant.

    Would love to plant some more, but you’re right, the weather is just so extremely hot right now. I don’t think I could save up enough water to ensure their survival.

    Hopefully, September will get here quickly.

    I know I’m being a bit brave and all, but hopefully I can keep all of it alive a bit longer. 😉


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