What a life!

My dog Spaz vegging on the couch

Mooch the cat loves duffle bags for his naps!

 Okay I know this is not garden related whatsoever, but it’s too hot to be outside right now.  We are currently experiencing a heat wave with yesterday’s high of 105 degrees!!!  Today it is suppose to be a much cooler 103, wowee! Even the pets know that the a/c is the place to be during this heatspell.  They are co-mingling as nicely as possible considering….  The cat and my little terrier mix Spaz are mortal enemies at best. lol   We keep them separate as much as possible which makes for some juggling on our part.  😉   I am still convinced that my pets have the easiest existence in the household.  So as the title of this post says…  What a life!


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  1. It is too hot to be outdoors for sure. Your furkids are so cute! I haven’t taken photos in days. I did a bit of watering at 6:30 am.

    Stay indoors where it is cool! I am getting cabin fever in summer. Too weird.

    You got that right, I let the dogs out to do their thing and then we run back inside quickly. I took some photos early this morning after I watered my veggies, containers & more needy plants (Hydrangeas). Stay cool yourself Cameron, I think I’ll take a nap… 😉


  2. Cute post! Can’t blame them for being inside. It’s way too hot here as well.

    Thanks Susie, yep the dogs are easy to keep inside, the cat is another story. lol 😉


  3. Hahaha, love the photo of the pup! That’s how I feel.

    Thanks Meems, lol. She’s a character that’s for sure. 😉


  4. Too cute! We have worked outside most of the day, and this heat is killing us! I love summer blooms, but the heat is getting to so many of my plants, I think I am ready for fall!

    Thanks Linda, not me I avoid the garden completely after 10 am. Me too, I am so ready for the cooler temps of fall. 🙂


  5. omg, can your dog get any more relaxed?!!!! How great to live their life when they are in a home where they get treated so well (like yours). Sometimes I wish I had my pets life ~ it seems so carefree!
    I sure hope your heatwave breaks soon so you can get back in the garden.

    I don’t know Kathleen, lol. She is a pretty goofy dog! 🙂 I know what you mean, my pets have it made in the shade. 😉


  6. Lol, Racquel, the first photo could have just as easily been taken of my Sophie, except she’s golden brown, not black:) Sophie loves to run outside, but the past two weeks when we go out, even she prefers to find a shady spot under a tree to rest. Spaz and Mooch have the right idea:) It cooled off here yesterday–comfortable 80’s–and seems the same today, so I hope cooler air is on its way to you, too.

    See the animals have the right ideas huh? 😉 I don’t blame your Sophie for seeking out the shade, but this weekend it was hot even in the shade. Yuck! It’s only in the 80’s today which is much better and alot more tolerable. 🙂


  7. There really isn’t much else to do when the temps are so hot! Cute post.

    Nope there isn’t and it makes me so sleepy… Thanks Darla! 🙂


  8. We are having perfect weather here in Washington State, I don’t know if we ever get to 100 degrees. I am torn between gardening and the sewing I want to do. Love the pics of your animals in their happy home.

    Must be nice Sherry, did you have to rub it in? 😉 I don’t want to garden in this weather at all, I prefer spring and fall in the garden for that reason alone. Thanks! 🙂


  9. Spaz is in the exact sleeping position that my doxie has when he’s napping. It is not terribly hot where I am – dare I say mid-70’s? – so I can only hope that things cool down for you soon!

    Ha, I guess they both have it made huh? 🙂 I wish it was mid 70’s here, but at least it only got to a roasting 93 today. 😉


  10. Racquel girl I am still loving this template and colour scheme you have going here : )
    I love that you are doing a pet post ! .. I may have to do that soon too .. or the boys in the hood post .. or actually post on accomplishing my bench mission .. today was a day from a VERY hot place not on earth shall we say .. or over where you are with that heat wave ? haha
    So .. I didn’t get in my garden and I am so needy for garden therapy I can’t even explain .. we are lucky that the heat wave has backed off a bit .. I am crossing all digits that I will have some peace and quiet and gusto for the garden mission tomorrow !!
    mean while I can have a giggle over your two pet kids enjoying the cool air there : )

    I’m glad you are still loving my new color & theme Joy. Me too! 🙂 I haven’t done any pet posts this year I don’t think. Shame on me, lol. I’m missing hearing from your ‘boys in the hood’, those always crack me up. Hope Dave is doing well, even though I love the new header. 😉 Don’t even talk to me about heat, it feels like hell on earth here. It cooled down to 93 today, wowee. Well back to enjoying the a/c.


  11. Pets are great. They know how to relax don’t they. We all get caught up in the garden or doing DIY projects and they just lay down and probably laugh a little inside at how hard we work. Just give them a little food and water and you’re right, “what a life”. Imagine if someone would just give us a little food and water everyday and all we had to do to earn it, was to look cute. I don’t think I’d ever get fed:)


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