Inspite of the Heat (Part 2-Shade Lovers)

(From upper L-R across & down: Lirope variegata, Heucera 'Plum Pudding', Autumn Fern, Hosta 'Royal Standard', Variegated Solomon's Seal, Pulmonaria 'Raspberry Splash' and Calla Lily)

Last week I showed you the sun-loving plants that stand up to the heat & drought in my garden.  If you missed that post you can read it here.  Today I thought I would share some of the shade-loving plants that are surviving these conditions in my garden so far.   All of these plants I grow mainly for their attractive foliage even though most of them do get some type of blooms.  The Autumn Fern is the only one that doesn’t bloom, but it’s foliage is just as colorful come fall with shades of yellow, orange & red.  These all grow in full shade conditions (filtered light only) except for the Calla Lily which is getting morning sunlight.  I do have some of this Calla Lily growing in deeper shade conditions and does well there too.   In addition I have some of the Lirope and Variegated Solomon’s Seal in a different area of the garden that get more sun and are doing just as well.  🙂 

note:  Since I do my posts in advance this was created before we got some much needed rain.  Thank goodness!

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  1. The shade plants look great!

    Thanks Meems! 🙂


  2. Very nice, I really need to move my Callas…hmm.

    Thanks Darla, are yours getting too much sun?


  3. Racquel, more shade loving plants are always needed at my house. I have the green solomons seal, but love the variegated one, looks like it really lights up a dark spot.

    Yep I love this Variegated Solomon’s Seal and it multiplies generously every season without being a thug. 🙂


  4. I could not imagine a garden without Autumn Fern. I have several and they are able to handle drought or flood and have lived longer than many shrubs I have planted over the years. I am glad you got some rain, please send some to this side of the tunnel.

    Me neither now that I have it in my garden Les. They are so much tougher than the Japanese Painted Ferns etc… I got some rain not alot and we still need more so I pray that we both get tons of it soon! 🙂


  5. They look like they are going strong-especially that pulmonaria.

    Yep I love that Pulmonaria, wish I had added it earlier to the garden. Now I need more… 🙂


  6. Very nice assortment Racquel ~ and so refreshing to look at! I have had to incorporate more shade plants into my garden now that my trees are getting larger and casting more shade. It’s changing the landscape around here!

    Thanks Kathleen. I love shade plants, their foliage is normally quite interesting. Oh it’s nice that you are getting more shade with your trees maturing. I wish I had more, it really makes a difference in the summer when the temps are this high. 🙂


  7. They may be…there are just competing with the roots of a Crape Myrtle where they are located. I did not have as many this year as last and I was sad..

    Oh that’s hard on a plant competing with tree roots. Their not too hard to move, I would wait till fall though.


  8. With this heat, the shade garden is the only place I like to be! It’s hard to beat hostas when it comes to enduring whatever the weather throws at them, but I agree with all your other choices, too. I love hydrangeas in the shade, too, but they certainly need a deep drink of water more often than the others.

    Me too Rose, but here lately with temps in the 100’s even the shade is hot! Hydrangeas are not a heat loving plant that’s for sure, they droop at the first sign of drought. 😦


  9. Your shade plants look so cool for such a hot summer! A great collection you have.

    Thanks Cameron, even with these scorching temps this weekend! 105 yesterday!!!!


  10. I have a few of the shade plants you pictured in a spot that is too hot. I will have to get them moved this Fall. One, the pulmonaria is looking pretty sad in my garden.

    Yep most of these prefer full or dappled shade. 🙂


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