Wordless Wednesday – Wildlife


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  1. Nice visitors to your garden!

    Thanks Meems. 🙂


  2. Looks like you have a lot of friends!

    I was surprised at the number of visitors in this heatwave. 🙂


  3. I love that kind of wildlife! I think your second butterfly may be a silver spotted skipper.

    Me too and I just missed the elusive Hummingbird shot (since my camera was in the house of course). Thanks for the possible id. 😉


  4. Lovely images, Racquel! There seem to be so many more butterflies this year than last, which makes me happy. I seem to be taking as many photos of the all the visitors to my garden as the blooms. Glad to hear you finally got some rain.

    Thanks Rose. 🙂 I haven’t noticed as many of them this year. Now I did see a Monarch yesterday but didn’t have my camera on me (of course). And this season they seem to be a bit skittish about photo ops.


  5. Great photos Racquel. I’m boo hoo’ing because someone else got a Black Swallowtail photo when I can not!!! You did a terrific job my friend. Despite the heat, your garden is doing well to have this abundance of winged friends.

    Thanks Kathleen. Sorry about the elusive Swallowtail shot, I feel the same way when bloggers post pics of hummers. 😉


  6. Wonderful pictures of your garden visitors!

    Why thank you Karen and thanks for stopping by. 🙂


  7. These are the kind of visitors that are welcome, unlike the garter snake I found first thing this morning!

    Eww..yep I would of been freaking out at that kind of visitor in my garden! 😉


  8. Nice pictures!

    Thank you Dave! 🙂


  9. Hey Racquel,

    I just wanted you to know I added your blog to the soon to be launched North Carolina Nursery and Landscape Association blog roll for NC Blogs!


    I also wanted to make sure you received my new link for Gardening With Confidence’s blog



    I hope you are doing well!

    Hi Helen, long time to see. 🙂 Oh thanks for thinking of me even though I’m in Virginia. How sweet! Thanks for the new link, I updated my blogroll already. 🙂


  10. Cool shot of the dragonfly!

    Thanks Tina, that one was a bit tough to capture. So I had to stand a bit back & zoom in. 😉


  11. Your pictures are beautiful. You must have patience and a steady hand.

    Thanks Balisha, it takes alot of patience to capture these critters on camera that’s for sure. 🙂


  12. Fun! Great photos!

    Did you get rain last night? We had quite the rain and wind here. No damage (except deer munching a few cosmos and even a castor bean leaf! )

    Thanks Cameron. Nope no rain here last night. 😦 We got a bit the two nights previous though. But we could always use a bit more. Oh my, munching Castor Bean Leaves? Aren’t they a bit spiky? 😉


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